• Subject of the issue: The new act on electromobility and alternative fuels
    The new regulations are to facilitate and accelerate the development of electric transport in Poland. The act implements the provisions of EU directives and extends the powers of the inspectors of the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) and the Transport Technical Inspection (TDT) to include the possibility of carrying out ad hoc inspections in the event of a suspicion of a threat to the safety of users, due to failures or damage caused during the operation of the station and points charging.
  • New regulations on MBP for waste
    On February 18, 2022, another draft regulation of the Minister of Climate and Environment on the mechanical and biological treatment (hereinafter: MBP) of unsorted municipal waste was published.
  • Greater possibilities of the Environmental Protection Inspection
    The website of the Legislative Center has published a draft regulation amending the regulation on granting inspectors of the Environmental Protection Inspection with the power to impose fines by way of a criminal mandate.
  • Audit of a recycler of packaging waste
    The provisions on external audit are regulated by the Act on the management of packaging and packaging waste (hereinafter: ucpg). What should you know about this audit?
  • Noise emission control in the plant
    Noise emission measurements of equipment and installations must be carried out by some entrepreneurs only. In what cases and on what terms?
  • Construction of a warehouse - which environmental decisions are required
    A decision on environmental conditions is required when it is necessary to build warehouse halls where, for example, goods can be stored. If you are planning such an investment, check what you need to remember.
  • Principles of introducing packaging to the market
    Question: If we buy varnishes, paints and oils abroad, do we only introduce packaging for these products to the Polish market (e.g. buckets, barrels, IBC containers)? And if we buy varnishes, paints, lubricants, oils, pallets and the packaging itself (cardboard boxes, stretch films, etc.) in Poland, should this be counted as placing the packaging on the market?
  • Renovation and cleaning in the company - what about waste records
    Question: The dairy plant conducts the activity of food processing. After the renovation, a lot of construction waste was created (mixed and contaminated debris and clean debris). In order to transfer this waste to a disposal company, does the plant have to have the appropriate waste code added to the waste generation permit? The permit was issued in 2015 and then no one predicted that such waste would be generated.
  • Exhaust winch in a car repair shop - is it subject to notification
    Question: Is an exhaust winch in a car repair shop subject to notification?
  • Records of lost waste
    Question: The plant where we buy waste paper processes it for its own needs, obtaining paper pulp (pulp). From 2022, when making an entry in the field of processing, there is a need to enter the lost status of waste, specify the process and method of processing as well as the resulting products and materials in Mg. How can these values be obtained if the waste paper differs in tonnage from the pulp, which also contains water? In addition, on what basis will the Recycling Documents (GAP) be issued?
  • Planned significant changes to the RES legislation
    In 2021, the Government Legislation Center published a draft act amending the act - the Energy Law and the act on renewable energy sources. It is primarily aimed at the implementation of the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2018/2001 of December 11, 2018 on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources (Journal of Laws UE L 328 of December 21, 2018) - the so-called RED II directive. The draft was submitted for public consultations and inter-ministerial consultations.
  • Practical tips on waste in SENT
    Check what steps must be taken by entities that are covered by the SENT system from February 22, 2022 and what new obligations to fulfill.
  • Permit for a car wash
    If the entrepreneur intends to open a car wash, he should attach the relevant documents to the application for a water-law permit for the discharge of industrial sewage from the car wash to the municipal sewage system. What?
  • Legal changes

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