• Topic of the issue: The threat of Legionella bacteria - how to protect yourself against infection
    The threat of Legionella bacteria in water installations is an issue that deserves special attention. What precautions should be taken to minimize the risk of infection?
  • Legal changes
    • The impact of illegal landfills on the natural environment
      The existence of illegal waste dumps may pose a risk of contamination, posing the greatest threat to soil, groundwater and surface water.
    • Refund of fees if application is rejected
      Question: We submitted an application to change the integrated permit and paid the stamp and registration fee, but the office rejected the application without examining it. Can the fees remain on our accounts until we reapply, or do we need to apply for a refund of these fees?
    • Penalty for failure to analyze the risk of water intakes
      Question: What are the penalties for failing to submit a risk analysis of groundwater intakes to the voivode by the end of 2022?
    • Obligations of commercial entities regarding food in containers
      Question: Due to the entry into force on May 24, 2023 of the Act implementing the requirements of the Single Use Plastics Directive (hereinafter referred to as SUP), what are the new obligations of retail, wholesale or catering entities that sell food in single-use containers made of polyethylene-coated paper ( PE)? Does the marking order also apply to them?
    • Principles of cleaning and maintenance of oil separators
      Question: We have several oil separators installed in our company. Their manufacturer, citing the Environmental Protection Law, claims that only he can clean and maintain these separators. Can they be cleaned and maintained by another external company producing separators, or can these tasks be carried out internally (e.g. by maintenance staff)?
  • Entrepreneur's obligations from October 1 to October 31, 2023
    • How to protect yourself against illegal waste dumps in your lease agreement
      In order to fully understand the importance of the landlord protecting the property against the effects of improper waste management, it is worth reading the article below.
    • New regulations on good practices in forest management – part II
      In the last issue, we wrote about some of the regulations regarding the requirements of good practice in the field of forest management, which entered into force on April 26, 2023. In this part, we describe detailed activities related to nature protection.
    • Who must conduct an energy audit and on what terms
      Large companies are obliged to conduct an energy audit. Moreover, such an audit should be carried out regularly, and the penalty for failure to do so may amount to up to 5% of the income of the punished entrepreneur achieved in the previous tax year.
    • Fees and penalties related to exceedances of pollutant emissions
      Some companies, based on issued decisions, must perform systematic measurements of dust and gaseous pollutant emissions from emitters at the plant. What if these emissions are at the limit of permissibility? Is the company subject to additional fees or penalties?

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