Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) 2019/09


  • A few sentences about activities without the required license
    The article, against the background of legal regulations, presents activities undertaken by mining supervision authorities in order to develop methods and principles of uniform conduct in matters of illegal extraction of minerals in Poland. It also presents statistical data related to the problems of illegal exploitation and describes difficulties in calculating the increased fee, the source of which are the provisions of other acts allowing to circumvent the provisions of the Geological and Mining Law.
  • Task-based risk assessment in investment works
    The article describes an example of how to perform a risk assessment during investment work. Risk assessment requires ongoing threat analysis. Task-based risk assessment was used for this purpose. It allows not only to meet legal requirements, but through its simplicity it enables the unification of tools used for risk assessment of many entities participating in the investment process. It also enables cooperation of construction specialists with supervisors, making the risk assessment process a daily habit of people working on a task.
  • Methane from coal seams in GZW - reconstruction and intensification works in the Gilowice-1 and Gilowice-2H wells
    The article contains basic information about geological works carried out as part of the "Gilowice" research project implemented by the PGNiG S.A. consortium. and PIG - PIB in 2016-2018, which is also the stage of the first Geo-Metan project.
  • Assessment of the possibilities of mining exploitation due to the protection of public facilities on the example of Pawłowice
    The article presents the procedure for making decisions of the mining supervision authority regarding the consent to conduct mining operations, on the example of the planned exploitation of the 362/1 seam on the P-1 wall by JSW S.A. KWK "Pniówek" in Pawłowice, due to surface protection.
  • The literary passion of foreman Luchowski
  • Post-mining heaps - trouble or hidden wealth? How can they get a "second life"?
  • In striped uniforms underground

Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) - full list