Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie (Work Safety and Environmental Protection in Mining) 2020/05

  • Gas-geodynamic threat and methods of combating it in copper ore mines in the light of the work of the Advisory and Opinion Team for the analysis of gas-geodynamic phenomena at KGHM Polska Miedź
    The article presents the scope of work of the Team for the analysis of gasogeodynamic phenomena that occurred in the years 2009–2018 at KGHM Polska Miedź, appointed by the President of WUG, its tasks, scope of activity and conclusions. As a result of the work of its members, analyzes and expertises were created that addressed various topics, ranging from the genesis of the gasogeodynamic phenomenon to proposals for solutions to combat the threat of gas and rock outbursts. The aim of the article is to familiarize with the problem and scale of gasogeodynamic phenomena and actions taken to use the appropriate methods and measures to prevent and reduce to a minimum the risk of gas and rock outbursts in metal ore mining plants.
  • Repair of damage caused by mining operations
    In 2018, in all mining sectors, a total of 372 527.6 thousand was spent on removing damage caused by mining plant operations and preventive measures against the effects of mineral exploitation. PLN 6485 facilities were repaired. Preventive protection was applied in 1099 facilities (54 903.4 thousand PLN was spent). Among all the branches of the mining industry, hard coal mining allocates by far the largest funds each year for repairing damages. In 2018, it spent 322 918.4 thousand for this purpose.PLN Larger mines incurred brown coal (PLN 26,086.1 thousand) and non-ferrous metal ores (PLN 22,540.7 thousand). In the entire Polish mining industry, almost half of the costs were related to repairing damages through natural restitution. These outlays amounted to 168 511.5 thousand PLN. From this pool, the most funds were allocated for the repair of residential buildings (52 402.7 thousand zlotys), followed by the renovation of roads, streets and bridges (26 266.7 thousand zlotys in total) and the repair of railway facilities and equipment (18 839 , PLN 9,000). The financial liabilities of mines regarding the payment of various types of compensation in 2018 amounted to PLN 126,300.4 thousand. zł. In this group of costs, the largest funds were allocated to one-off compensation for construction works (PLN 59,584.0 thousand). As in previous years, settlements constituted the formal basis for repairing damages in the overwhelming majority. In 2018, 11,999 agreements of this type were concluded, and common courts issued 226 final judgments.
  • Diagnostics of electric machine commutators
    The article describes the role and possibilities of technical diagnostics using the diagnostic system for commutator and slip rings monitoring (MKPS), developed by OPA Zabrze and the Silesian University of Technology. MKPS is designed for measuring deviations of cylindrical surfaces using a non-referenced method. Non-contact measurement of the tested object is carried out by means of laser sensors assisted by computer technology. The MKPS system is used to acquire, collect, process and visualize rotational surface information. On the basis of the information collected, it is possible to determine e.g. the degree of wear of sliding surfaces, the level of insulation bite and determine the displacement profile of electric machine commutator sections. Simple MKPS operation and registration of results during normal machine operation reduce operating costs and control time. The described results of tests performed in 2019 confirm the effectiveness of measuring the sliding surface geometry of commutators with the MKPS system and - in general - the important role of diagnostics in shaping and maintaining the technical readiness of machines.
  • Pension among stars
  • Gold business

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