• Cracow meeting of Polish engineers
    On 13-15. June IV was the 4th World Congress of Polish Engineers (ŚZIP), convened together with the XXVI Congress of Polish Technicians. About 200 people took part in the Congress, including Polish engineers from Canada, the United States, Australia, Lithuania, Austria, Greece, Germany, France, Switzerland, Great Britain and numerous representatives of the Polish engineering community from research institutes and innovative companies, and also scientists and students of Krakow technical universities
  • Safety increases, technical supervision is more effective. Accidents at 2018: fewer deaths and serious injuries
    In 2018, 84,304 persons injured in accidents at work were reported - by 4.6 percent. less than in 2017. The number of victims per 1000 employed persons also decreased (accident rate) from 6.84 in 2017. up to 6.37. The falling number of accidents at work in our country is also due to the better and more effective work of the Office of Technical Inspection, which watches over the safety of technical devices and installations, and - as a result - the employees who operate them.
  • Welding and distance training of welders with the help of medical robots
    This article discusses various challenges related to remote training and welding with a surgical robot and a rehabilitation robot equipped with a digital camera observing the welding zone, and in particular the difficulty in detecting weld pool boundaries. Differences in human processing of the real image by the human brain compared to the image in the form of a film from a digital camera are discussed. In addition to the need for a second derivative image in real time, three human recognition models were discussed, one of which has already been studied by scientists from Cambridge, UK. The concepts of melting the base material by bending the weld pool under the pressure of non-ionic gas arc and American measurements of the third dimension of the weld pool and determining the depth of weld penetration by the welding electronics were discussed. Desired trajectories of the electrode tip based on arc physics and welding technologies were presented, and difficulties in learning the movements of welders were discussed. The basics of the neural model of the brain with the vector model of types of ability in artificial intelligence are also presented.
  • Research on the effectiveness of selected chemical reagents when reproducing blurred properties in the case of aluminum alloy
    The article describes the results of experimental studies on the validation of chemical reagents in the digestion of aluminum in order to reproduce blurred identification features. Chemical tests were carried out with the participation of the author during one of his diploma theses under his supervision. Restoration of identification features in the event of their destruction by e.g. corrosion or intentional blurring enables the serial number, type and purpose of the object to be determined, which is of particular importance in archeology. It is also one of the key issues that mechanoscopy deals with - a field of forensics whose role is to study traces on hard surfaces. In mechanoscopy, in terms of reproducing features, the most common are vehicle number fields. Introduction: The inspiration to write the article was the need to reproduce the identification features of the engine body made as an aluminum alloy cast as part of one of the expert's experiments. The article presents the impact of deformation while stamping a number on the steel structure, also describes the procedure for attempts to reproduce blurred features on this material.
  • Installers of renewable energy sources. Wanted, but with valid certificates
    The official register maintained by the Office of Technical Inspection has 3515 names (as of May 16, 2019) - so many certified installers of renewable energy sources (RES) in Poland. However, the validity periods of the first certificates end, which must be renewed every 5 years. The Energy Regulatory Office reminds that the validity period of the first certificates issued by the Technical Inspection Office for RES installers is coming to an end soon.

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