• There are more and more single and multi-track avalanche
    More and more Poles use vehicles borrowed for minutes and more and more often they are electric vehicles. Apps to use this type of service already have several million users. The report of the Mobile Town association and SmartRide.pl website shows that such forms of transport can already be used in 71 cities throughout Poland, and the group of potential users exceeded 11.5 million people. Shared transport is one of the most desirable phenomena in modern metropolises. It is estimated that one car-sharing car can replace 7-11 private cars and free over 150 sq m. space occupied by parking vehicles.
  • 21st DIAGNOSTICS Information and Training Symposium and Renovation of Power Equipment
    On October 3-4, 2019, the Katowice City Center in Katowice hosted the jubilee jubilee, XXI Information and Training Symposium DIAGNOSTICS AND REPAIRS OF ENERGY EQUIPMENT DEVICES Safety and Availability of Energy Equipment
  • Safety and availability of devices in the last phase of their operation
    Energy based on coal burning is doing well. The largest CO2 emitters from time to time declare their resignation, however in the distant perspective. Although you can hear and read that renewable energy is cheaper, for some reason the largest energy producers prefer to continue to produce it more expensive. The problems of the Polish energy sector are, however, conditioned locally. The next ambitious goals of the European Union on the road to "climate neutrality", the increasingly limited availability of its own cheap fuel, the limitation of financial support for the construction of new and modernization of older coal sources, and social opposition to the launch of new mines and power blocks make energy based on coal burning may cease to operate on the scale we are used to in Poland, in a shorter time than could have been expected recently. For the Polish energy sector, this is a very expensive scenario.
  • Welding humps using the electrode clamping system - Part II
    Process parameters Numerical tests were carried out for the same current value (10.0 kA), the same flow time (60 m / s rise and 240 m / s main current flow time). Simulations for the pneumatic clamping system were carried out for four values of electrode clamping force.
  • It is not worth waiting for the last minute. The Office of Technical Inspection begins inspecting the charging station
    By the end of July 2020, the owners of all electric vehicle charging stations built so far have time for mandatory verification of their functioning. If they do not submit an application for inspection or the inspection results in a negative opinion of inspectors - the station will be immediately out of service and the owner is threatened with a high fine - up to 100,000 zł. Pursuant to the provisions that entered into force this July, station owners have 12 months to submit a request for inspection of the charging station and to obtain a positive opinion of the Office of Technical Inspection

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