• SAFEMAX valves and the safety of machines in pneumatic systems
    The basic assumption of the designer is to design the machine as efficient and effective as possible. In pursuing this goal, operator safety must be taken into account. The design and production of machines should minimize the possible hazards during their operation. It is not possible to achieve 100% safe operation of machines (according to statistical data, over 70% of accidents at work are related to machines).
  • XIV International Trade Fair for Inventions and Innovations INTARG® 2021 Online The INTARG® 2021
    Online Trade Fair is one of the most renowned events presenting and promoting inventions and innovations - not only in Europe, but also in the world. It is a networking platform for the promotion of innovative products and technologies. The event is supported by prestigious domestic and foreign institutions. The aim of the project is to honor people and institutions for achievements and merits in the field of inventiveness.
  • Increasing Safety in the Machine Rental Industry Industrial machinery
    rental is becoming increasingly popular in the construction and mining industries, and many companies are now choosing to rent instead of buying equipment. In fact, market analysts predict the machine rental industry will grow 11% over the next three years as construction companies search for ways to increase productivity. However, while machine rental service providers have an obligation to ensure that machines are properly maintained and fit for a particular purpose, they should also ensure that the equipment meets customer safety needs both at and outside the workplace.
  • A promising year for 2021. We are waiting for ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE
    The unique atmosphere of business meetings, buzzing exhibitors and visitors, the sound of working machines and a range of new products for industry 4.0 - this is what fans of ITM INDUSTRY EUROPE have been waiting for months. The moods are optimistic, the organizers are working intensively on the next edition of the event scheduled for August 31 - September 3, 2021. It seems that this year it will be the first - on such a scale - fair for industry in this part of Europe.
  • Fluke Launches TiS55 + and TiS75 + Simple Thermal Cameras
    A new range of easy-to-use thermal cameras are designed to help you implement preventive maintenance programs. The new cameras - TiS55 + and TiS75 + are designed for technicians and contractors who, in addition to the requirements for troubleshooting, periodic inspection and preventive maintenance, also need the highest possible image quality and advanced features.
  • Why don't autonomous vehicles like rain?
    Not only drivers have a harder time driving during rainfall. It turns out that artificial intelligence also has problems with driving in such conditions. Autonomous driving Paradoxically, the largest number of road accidents occur during good weather conditions. No rainfall, dry surface and nice weather are the conditions that statistically favor exceeding the permitted speed limits.
  • ATEX and SIL2 / PLd certified sensors
    TWK is introducing a new safety encoder for explosion protection in accordance with ATEX, zone 1/21 standard. Additionally, it has a functional safety certificate SIL2 / performance level d. There are many different applications. They are simple and they are complex. There are models inexpensive and they are expensive. For safe and hazardous applications. Some sensors are even suitable for potentially explosive atmospheres.
  • Damage to lifting ropes in the areas of suspensions for hoisting vessels
    The article presents operational damage to hoisting ropes on their sections located in double-acting ring clamps and other suspensions of mining hoisting vessels or in their vicinity. The reasons for this condition of ropes are discussed. The results of the stress analysis in the rope in the clamp are presented on the example of one of mining single rope hoists. Introduction Hoisting ropes are one of the most loaded and responsible elements of the mining shaft hoist (GWSz) due to the constant occurrence of a complex system of static and dynamic working stresses (tensile, bending, tangential and other) and the stresses resulting from their fastening in the suspension clamps of various structures. This results in shorter durability of the lifting ropes compared to other elements of the mining shaft hoist. It also leads to increased wear of expensive hoisting ropes, and thus to higher operating costs of GWSz. The lifetime of the lifting ropes in mining hoisting devices operated in the Polish mining industry is highly diversified and ranges from over 3 years to just a dozen or so months. The durability of lifting ropes is influenced by factors related to their construction and production (quality of the wire material, improper twisting of the wires into strands and strands into a rope, constructional and technological parameters of the rope), as well as operational factors (correct selection of the rope structure for the specific operating conditions of the hoisting device) , mechanical wear, corrosion damage or failure to follow the operating instructions for the ropes, variable load on the rope, etc.). Over the last dozen or so years, a significant percentage of suspension ropes in the main hoisting devices has been caused only by wire breakage (often corroded or worn) on an invisible section of the rope attached to the sling or in its vicinity.
  • Process and explosion hazards on the lines of feeding and grinding coal and biomass
    The article discusses selected technical and process problems of carburizing systems and biomass installation in the power industry in terms of ensuring process and explosion safety (constructive protection against explosion). The threats posed by pollutants contained in the raw materials supplied to the carburizing systems and forest biomass reception installations are presented. The advantages and disadvantages of constructive explosion protection techniques are discussed when they are used to protect silos and storage tanks as well as dedusting installations (filters). The material also explains the meaning of dedusting aspiration in carburizing systems and biomass installations as well as the practical significance of selected flammability and explosiveness parameters of coal and biomass dust. The rational techniques for securing fan mills (brown coal grinding), roller-bowl and ball-bowl mills (grinding hard coal, hard coal and biomass - co-firing) are also discussed. supervision in business dr hab. Eng. Andrzej Wolff GRUPA WOLFF www.grupa-wolff.eu 3 also in Poland, although still good, proven and universal solutions in this respect. The adopted level of risk should result from the estimation of the probability of the occurrence of a given event, the size of possible undesirable effects, adopted emergency scenarios in the plant or the estimation of the necessary and acceptable outlays. The quantitative assessment of the risk level of an industrial accident is a difficult issue. Based on many years of experience, we believe that the practical technical and process experience of people deciding on the adopted solutions and people deciding about the acceptable level of safety in the plant should be of decisive importance.

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