• How to quickly and easily install a cover or a fence?
    PC and PPR holders are offered by Elesa + Ganterelements facilitating the assembly of polycarbonate plates, glass and sheet metal. Choosing such a solution means that no mounting holes have to be drilled in the covers. The PPR holders are additionally suitable for fixing steel wire mesh on frames made of square profiles. In this article, we present how and where to use these grips to maximize their potential. Machinery Directive Requirements When thinking about the machine guard, we must remember about the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE, which tells us what criteria should be met by the enclosure to be considered safe. Our solutions in the form of PPR and PC handles perfectly match this standard, and this article will give you a better understanding of what applications to use both for.
  • Intelligent welding process management as part of a competitive advantage
    Industry 4.0 is now on everyone's lips. It is one of the most important topics in society, politics and economy. And what does digitization look like in metalworking plants? What does it mean in relation to the joining technique along with the various welding processes? What are the effects of connecting devices and components into a digital network, and what are the benefits for the company? Profitability and competitiveness are in the foreground. Analysis, optimization and documentation of welding parameters. Ensuring stable welding processes with as little warping as possible, thereby increasing profitability. All of this is a challenge for metalworking companies to remain competitive in the future as well. Comprehensive digitization plays a key role in this. For example, Fronius runs a Prototype Center in Wels , which already has many digital solutions for welding and other high-tech devices. Of course, the Prototype Center allows you to record prototype welding. However, it is also an example of how Industry 4.0 could look like in practice.
  • Comparative tests of bending resistance and energy consumption of closed and special C - profiles
    The article describes the results of experimental tests of the resistance to scabbing in terms of energy consumption of steel profiles: 80 mm C-profile, a square obtained by joining two such C-profiles and a special Sigma - Σ profile used for protective road barriers . The inspiration was a road accident, in which a passenger car hit the protective barrier at speeds above 100 km / h at a relatively large angle.
  • AKZE in Poland - Influence of leakage stabilization time on the obtained values of the m-factor
    A significant number of flanged connections used mainly in petrochemical, gas or chemical installations is calculated with the algorithm described in ASME Code Division 1 Section VIII. In order to be able to perform these calculations, and in particular the required clamping force of the gasket, it is necessary to know the values of its calculation coefficients mi y. high values necessitate a detailed analysis of the research carried out and the obtained results. The use of high values of m coefficients can practically eliminate the possibility of meeting the strength conditions of the elements of the calculated flange joint imposed by the abovementioned algorithm.
  • Advances in the diagnosis of the development of damage to materials subjected to simulated operational loads - highlights and shadows
    The development of damage due to operational loads in materials used in the power industry or the automotive industry is tested using destructive and non-destructive methods. The destructive techniques include fatigue tests or creep tests, and non-destructive techniques include ultrasonic and magnetic methods, and recently, more and more often used innovative optical techniques. The article presents the use of optical techniques, such as: digital image correlation (DIC) and electronic speckle interferometry (ESPI) to monitor fatigue damage due to their high usefulness in the effective identification of damage initiation and its development.
  • Green world for the Fair
    On the World Fair Day on June 2, the government announced the decision to unfreeze the exhibition industry, which, as the exhibition organizers have announced, actually has a chance to start in September. The importance of the fair for the economy was discussed by the heads of the largest exhibition centers in Poland, local government officials, businessmen and representatives of the world of culture during the online conference - Green Light for the industry .
  • Ultrasonic testing of the axial shaft grooves and L-0 blade feet of the NP rotors of high-power steam turbines - R&D and validation
    Based on many years of their own experience, the authors present in the article the main assumptions and achievements of the R&D program in the field of shaft notches and blade tips last stages of low pressure rotors (NP) using the Phased Array ultrasonic technique . The applications of this technique used in Poland are practically ineffective because they do not ensure adequate detection of failures essential for safe operation. An advanced PA flaw detector without dedicated equipment and a comprehensive approach does not provide effective diagnostics of axial grooves and feet of NP rotor blades of power turbines. The authors present the discontinuities detected in a closed turbine and the method of verification of the applied test procedure.

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