• Industry 4.0 - will robots save the construction industry?
    Industry 4.0 is changing the faces of more companies. The domestic manufacturing and construction industries, including the component industry, stand out significantly in Europe. Unfortunately, it owes its position - so far - mainly to low production and service costs. A positive aspect of the Polish market is the availability of personnel with a high degree of technical culture and qualifications, which is and will determine the development of both industries.
  • Monitoring and diagnostics of bearings in steam turbines
    The article discusses the currently valid rules of correct installation of sensors that enable the implementation of the best possible quality measurements for signals obtained from these sensors. In the case of numerous turbine sets operating in the country (including the newest ones), the rules described in the article are more or less violated.
  • Safe work in difficult conditions
    Transporting materials in confined spaces is a daily challenge for many companies - especially when it is necessary to consider potentially explosive areas. Linde Material Handling (MH) offers the right transport solutions for all ATEX applications and now presents compact high-performance trucks with a high level of operating comfort and designed for working in confined spaces. Linde T20-30 EX pallet trucks (both available with and without a platform) and Linde L06-L16 AC EX counterbalance stackers can be integrated into the Linde connect fleet management system with access control and damage monitoring.
  • Polymer pillow block luminaires with a bionic design
    Nature is often the best model: the shape of the new igubal recessed luminaire is based on the structure of a tree. Rounded angles ensure maximum resistance to mechanical stress. This bionic shape makes the housings made of high-performance plastics, which do not require lubrication or maintenance, a real alternative to classic cast iron bearings.
  • eLION - the new electrification platform for mobile work machines
    The modular and scalable electrification platform for mobile work machines eLION from Bosch Rexroth includes motor generators, inverters, gearboxes, software and accessories as well as the corresponding power hydraulics components. Bosch Rexroth is expanding its offer in the off-road machine segment. The company presents a wide range of 700 V " eLION " components for the electrification of mobile working machines.
  • Ultradur ® B4335G3 HR HSP - the universal material for reliable protection
    In automotive electronics, many small components play a very important role. For example, delicate wheel speed sensors determine safe driving, count wheel revolutions per unit time and transmit this information to the ABS and ESP systems. This is critical in situations such as emergency braking as it allows systems to take preemptive action to maintain vehicle stability and steerability.
  • K7TM device for monitoring and predictive service of heating elements
    The new device from OMRON is designed for heating equipment used in the automotive industry and the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) segment . K7TM allows you to visualize the trend of equipment deterioration, enabling predictive service and contributing to the goal of building a carbon-free society.
  • Establishment of the Polish network of autonomous technology proving grounds
    On June 9 this year a letter of intent was signed on the establishment of the Autonomous Technology Testing Grounds Network in Poland. The letter was signed by representatives of the Ministry of Infra structure, the Maritime University of Szczecin, the Poznań University of Technology, the Warsaw University of Technology, the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, the Civil Aviation Authority, the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency and the Polish Chamber of Unmanned Systems.
  • AV-Poland 2022 - artificial intelligence in cars and drones
    On June 7 this year the third edition of the international conference on intelligent mobility and advanced transport technologies - AV-POLAND 2022 was held in Warsaw. The event organized as part of the AV-PL-ROAD project gathers decision-makers as well as industry and scientific experts. The companies participating in the conference present products and solutions in the field of autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity and traffic control with the use of intelligent algorithms.
  • INTARG 2022 - report
    From 11 to 12 May this year. The 15th jubilee International Trade Fair for Inventions and Innovations INTARG® 2022 has ended in the Spodek / International Congress Center in Katowice. The fair was co-hosted by the City of Katowice.

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