• Hydrogen – green gold Safe storage – opportunities and challenges
    In this part of the hydrogen saga, we will present the topic of hydrogen storage, which poses a challenge for its further effective implementation in individual industries. Therefore, the question that we will look for the answer to together is: "Can (and if so), how can we safely store hydrogen?" HYDROGEN ECONOMY, HYDROGEN SOCIETY, HYDROGEN FUEL CELLS... Over the last few years, the first element of the periodic table has become the global slogan. This is because it has a chance to meet two main challenges in the global pursuit of achieving net zero emissions by 2050. Hydrogen - preferably green, but also purple, turquoise or blue. Supporters of hydrogen can cite many examples for each of its varieties. advantages, as we could see in previous articles devoted to this topic. If H2 is such a desirable factor that can revolutionize the world economy and have a positive impact on climate change, why are we still not using it on a mass scale? - First, hydrogen can help solve the eternal problem of energy intermittency. Renewable sources cannot provide a constant supply of energy because the wind does not always blow and the sun does not always shine. By converting excess energy produced on windy or sunny days into hydrogen, the gas can provide a temporary energy store we can fall back on when renewable supply is low or demand is higher than usual. – Secondly, hydrogen can help decarbonize areas where electrification alone is not enough. Good examples are domestic heating and heavy industrial processes such as steel and cement production, which are energy intensive and therefore carbon intensive.
  • Testing the operational parameters of flexinol wire
    The article discusses the process of examining the behavior of flexinol wire (shape memory material) subjected to excitations in the form of a PWM square wave with different filling. The reaction times of the cable to a given excitation, the times of shortening and lengthening for various loads were examined. Keywords: SMART materials, flexinol, control Modern technical solutions, especially in the field of mechatronics, increasingly use intelligent SMART materials (smart: clever, astute), which change in a forced and controlled way, under the influence of the control system, their properties. Therefore, they can be used both as actuators and sensors. The group of SMART materials includes, among others: piezoelectric, magneto- and electrostrictive materials and shape memory materials. Piezoelectric materials use simple (inducing an electric charge on the surface of a piezoelectric crystal under the influence of pressure applied to its surface) or reverse piezoelectric effect (deformation of a piezoelectric crystal caused by being placed in an electric field). This phenomenon occurs in crystals with ordered atomic structure and symmetry. The group of piezoelectricians includes, among others: [1 – 3]: quartz, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF), aluminum and gallium phosphate (V) and some organic materials, ceramics and MFC foils. Piezoelectrics are used in mechanical, electrical and electronic systems, mainly as vibration dampers and generators. Thermoelastic materials change their shape when heated above a certain temperature (shape memory materials). Cooling forces it to return to its initial shape. Among these materials, over 90% of commercial applications are alloys (SMA) based on Ni and Ti (called nitinols).
  • ThermaSmart® Marine 2.0 Black – a unique insulation concept for the marine sector
    ThermaSmart® Marine 2.0 Black is a complete insulation solution from Thermaflex, dedicated to applications in the marine sector. Solutions made of directly extruded, high-quality thermoplastic elastomer reinforced with aluminum foil are perfect where there are high requirements for protection against condensation - including: in the case of pipelines (mainly refrigeration), ventilation ducts, as well as in HVAC systems on vessels. In a marine environment, effective thermal insulation is crucial to ensure optimal operation of cooling systems.
  • Remote monitoring of the status of machines and systems
    IoT terminal: quick and simple installation of industrial IoT solutions - configuration and monitoring of data via cloud services - easy modernization of industrial IoT solutions in existing systems - integration of all components with the automation system. In the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), all components of the manufacturing environment are connected to each other via digital infrastructure, making them an indispensable part of the process. Data-based digital IoT solutions are based on five basic functions: data collection, processing, transmission and analysis, as well as interaction with the operator. This creates new opportunities to create additional value, such as improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) or automatically generating energy reports for effective system control. Today, data in enterprises is often collected and stored but not yet used for its intended purpose.
  • New aluminum filter-regulators from Emerson
    Capable of handling the highest flow rates, ASCO™ Series 641/642/643 aluminum filter-regulators enable manufacturers to provide complete valve control solutions from a single supplier. Emerson has introduced new ASCO™ Series 641, 642 and 643 aluminum filter-regulators that maximize process efficiency and reduce unplanned downtime in a wide range of process applications.
  • New machinery regulations
    It was published in the Official Journal of the EU on June 29 this year. new machinery regulation. The new rules update the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and transform it into the EU Machinery Regulation, which harmonizes essential health requirements.
  • Fake Windows updates – this could be a ransomware attack
    Analysts from FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet's threat research and analysis arm, identified a new ransomware variant called Big Head that appeared in May 2023 and attacked Windows systems. Although there are at least three types, they all aim to extort money by encrypting files on victims' computers. Most of the Big Head ransomware samples that the FortiGuard Labs team analyzed were sent from the United States.
  • How to copy a factory, i.e. digital twin 4.0
    The Fourth Industrial Revolution not only provided technological tools, it even intensified the development of many previously known technologies. This is also the case of the digital twin, which became the "main character" of another ASTOR publication in the Industry 4.0 trend - "Digital Twin 4.0. How to build digital knowledge bases in industry” ASTOR presents another publication, the so-called whitepaper related to the industrial revolution 4.0. This time, one of the technologies from the Industry 4.0 technology circle was taken into consideration: a digital twin in the context of continuous, discrete and intralogistic processes, in batch and hybrid production.
  • Artificial intelligence supports the operation of the forklift
    The new Linde reversing camera from Linde Material Handling (MH) distinguishes people from objects in real time and uses a multi-level warning system to prevent collisions between industrial trucks and pedestrians in warehouse and production areas. Available as either a fully integrated solution in new vehicles or as a retrofit option, the Intelligent Rear Assist Camera can be used alone or in conjunction with existing assistance systems.
  • Corrosion of ventilation and air conditioning ducts
    Undesirable changes in the structure of the installation material, or corrosion for short, is a phenomenon that often concerns ventilation and air-conditioning systems in buildings. Its effects should not be underestimated as they can lead to costly complications.
  • SECUREX fair - professionally about security
    In recent months, the word "security" has been used in various ways, in various contexts. The ability to notice and remove threats is the basis for the operation of every entity, regardless of the scale and scope of operation. On April 23-25, 2024, the SECUREX Security Fair will be held at the Poznań International Fair, focusing on the security of buildings, people, property and cyberspace.

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