• Appeal of the Chief Labor Inspector (3)
  • In the Parliament of the Republic of Poland (4)
    • About the pandemic in mining on the forum of the Labor Protection Council
      The leading topic of the meeting was the activities of the State Mining Authority in the field of safety and health protection in the mining sector, including COVID-19.
  • News not only from Poland (5)
  • How to hire an employee. More than seasonal work in questions and answers (7)
  • Contractor (almost) like an employee. Employer's obligations in the field of occupational health and safety (10)
    It is the employer's duty to ensure safe and hygienic working conditions not only for employees, but also for natural persons performing work under civil law contracts. The most important and superior legal act in Poland - the Constitution of the Republic of Poland - clearly indicates in Art. 66 that everyone has the right to safe and healthy working conditions.
  • When the exception is the rule. Teachers' working time (part 1) (12)
    As part of the 40-hour working week, the teacher, in accordance with the Teacher's Charter, is obliged to carry out didactic, educational and caring (so-called) classes, other activities and activities resulting from the statutory tasks of the school, as well as activities and activities related to preparation for classes, self-education and professional development.
  • A breath of freshness. The new regulation on health and safety at work with energy devices (17)
    Changes in regulations result, inter alia, from the irregularities revealed during the inspection of the labor inspection regarding the qualifications of persons performing maintenance works and the lack of defining clear criteria for the development of rules for the operation of energy devices.
  • Social purpose versus law interpretation. Practical aspects of applying the Act on Restricting Trade on Holidays (20)
    The aim of this study is to draw attention to the emergence of significant discrepancies in interpretation, revealed in the course of activities undertaken by labor inspectors.
  • Ultimate Volunteering. New exhibition in the gallery "Pszczelna 7" (24)
  • The difficult joy of helping (26)
  • Recipes for efficiency. Interview with Arkadiusz Kapuścik, District Labor Inspector in Opole (28)
    Carrying out several thousand checks on hundreds of thousands of employers operating in the area of PEP operation is not sufficient to effectively prevent any irregularities.
    The troublesome ZUS IWA. How to check business accident data (part 2) (32)
    For many years, the National Labor Inspectorate has been carrying out control activities in the field of the correctness of the preparation of ZUS IWA information by employers. Although the obligation to submit this information has been in place for many years, in many cases there are still numerous problems that a labor inspector may encounter during an inspection. This shows how limited the control and supervision systems related to accidents at work are and how the labor inspector can actively react in the event of finding irregularities.
  • Working sick. Burnout Syndrome (34)
    We all have better and worse days. This also applies to work where we spend about 40 hours a week. Burnout syndrome, for those who do not know how to control stress, is an obstacle to productive work. However, it can be effectively prevented or if it touches us, make us return to our former productivity.
  • Stage stars and OSH. Organization and production of concerts and shows (39)
    Watching the concert, we do not think that the auditory, visual or emotional experiences we experience are the result of the work of many people. However, in order for the show to be fully safe for viewers, artists and staff, many formal aspects should be taken care of, and the requirements of generally applicable regulations and standards must be met.
  • More dangerous than a bomb. Explosive hazards in agricultural plants (44)
    In agriculture, the risk of explosion is mainly related to the presence of organic grain dust. Such situations take place in grain dryers, in flat warehouses and in grain silos.
  • More and more "Safe farm". Summary of 18 years of activities to improve the health and safety at work in the countryside of Podlasie (47)
    Many farmers admit that the competition co-organized by the National Labor Inspectorate has opened their eyes to threats occurring on farms and has shown the possibility of eliminating them or significantly reducing them.
  • Under pressure (49)
    On the premises of the plant, which carries out, among others diagnostic checks of motor vehicles, a worker who repairs a wheel of a construction machine had a fatal accident.
  • No Risk Know (51)
    The worker doing manual work in the excavation was covered with earth. The injured person did not expect that the trench wall could collapse on him.

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