• In the Sejm of the Republic of Poland: The Labor Protection Council positively assesses the report on the activities of the National Labor Inspectorate for 2022 (3)
  • News not only from the country (4)
  • Almost like a prosecutor. Labor inspector as a public prosecutor in proceedings in petty offense cases (6)
    The key tasks of the National Labor Inspectorate include prosecuting offenses against employee rights and other offenses related to the performance of paid work. Over the years, the role and procedural position of the labor inspector, as well as substantive and procedural law in petty offense cases, have changed, therefore it seems reasonable to present these issues in this article.
  • Employee's right to be offline. Rest in times of digitization of work (11)
    An employee's right to be offline should not be identified solely with remote work. The problem existed much earlier, although there is no doubt that it became more severe during the pandemic. The effects of non-compliance with, for example, working time standards and the right to rest may reach beyond formal labor law regulations and negatively affect the mental well-being of employees.
  • New EU machinery regulations. Preventing threats and supporting innovation (16)
    The new Machinery Regulation, which replaced the Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC), entered into force on 19 July 2023. Although these provisions will only apply after a 42-month transition period, i.e. from 20 January 2027, it is worth familiarize yourself with the most important changes introduced by this legal act now.
  • Stop accidents. Instructions for safe performance of construction works (19)
    Manual or instructions for the safe performance of construction works? What elements should they contain? Who should develop them, who is their addressee, and who is responsible for their enforcement?
  • 43rd anniversary of the signing of the August Agreements (23)
    Celebrations organized by the National Commission of NSZZ "Solidarność" and the Board of the Gdańsk Region of NSZZ "Solidarność".
  • Challenges for labor inspection related to the digitization of work and artificial intelligence (24)
  • For the sake of fertility. Exposure of employees to harmful reprotoxic factors in the work environment (26)
    European Union legislation on occupational health and safety is of key importance for protecting the health and safety of almost 170 million workers from European Union countries, including Poland. Protecting people from risks in the workplace is a key part of ensuring decent working conditions for all workers.
  • Adequate qualifications. Requirements for people replacing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) cylinders in forklift trucks (30)
    A survey of the current legal status regarding occupational health and safety when using gas-powered motorized forklifts leads to findings that may be useful to labor inspectors.
  • Lifelong consequences. Dangerous cutting of trees at height (36)
    Do authorizations confirm a person's skills? Do I need to complete an arboriculture course or a chainsaw course before cutting at heights? How to minimize the risk of falling from a height? The answers to these questions are provided by the description of an accident that occurred under seemingly ordinary circumstances.

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