Lekarz Medycyny Pracy (Doctor of Occupational Medicine) 2020/03

  • Review of new legislation in the field of occupational medicine - April 2020 (1)
    • Act of 31 March 2020 amending the Act on special solutions related to the prevention, prevention and eradication of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them, as well as some other acts
    • Regulation of the Minister of Health of 20 March 2020 regarding the announcement of the state of the epidemic in the territory of the Republic of Poland
    • Announcement of the Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy of March 3, 2020 on the amount of one-off compensation for accidents at work or occupational diseases
    • Coronavirus outbreak: occupational medicine regulations already in place (3)
      Faced with the outbreak of coronavirus, occupational medicine was suspended at first. Currently, relevant changes have been made to the special act. According to them, initial or control examination may be carried out by another doctor in the form of advice by phone.
  • When an occupational medicine doctor can be referred to work to combat an epidemic (3)
    As a result of further development of the epidemiological situation, the state of the epidemic was announced in Poland. This allows central and local government administration to have medical staff, delegating them to work to combat the epidemic. What does to mean for occupational medicine doctors?
  • How long can occupational medicine examinations take (6)
    An occupational medicine doctor conducts follow-up examinations after an employee's longer sick leave. However, the employee does not have a certificate of termination of treatment. In addition, he claims that he cannot provide such certification during the week. What to do in this case?
  • What occupational medicine unit can expect from the employer (7)
    The contract of the employer with the occupational medicine unit specifies the detailed conditions for performing initial and periodic examinations of employees, but the physician should also be guaranteed participation in the OHS commission. What else should be in it?
  • What are the rules for the participation of an occupational medicine doctor in a health and safety committee meeting (8)
    An occupational medicine doctor with whom an employer employing over 250 people has a signed contract for care in this field, should participate in quarterly meetings of the OSH committee once a quarter. What other obligations result from such a role?
  • An occupational medicine doctor may refer a teacher to psychiatric examinations (9)
    Only an occupational medicine doctor can order specialist examinations to a teacher who will see signs of mental illness. Can the director refer the employee to disturbing behavior in the referral and thus suggest to the doctor that additional tests be performed?
  • Light work recommendation and contraindication for hard work - which means in a medical certificate (10)
    It happens that the physician conducting a preventive medical examination gives a ruling that there are no contraindications to work, with the proviso that the employee should perform light work or have contraindications to hard physical work. What is the meaning of this annotation in a medical certificate? Should the doctor explain it to you?
  • Does the occupational medicine doctor declare the need to buy glasses (11)
    An employee who performs work at the computer monitor over 4 hours a day was sent to an occupational medicine doctor for periodic examinations. Is the occupational medicine doctor obliged to confirm the need to purchase glasses needed for the employee to perform his duties?
  • Has the court found a cook's carpal tunnel syndrome to be an occupational disease (12)
    A woman employed as a cook in an education unit fell ill with carpal tunnel syndrome. In her opinion, it could have been a disease resulting from the nature of work. Is it justified to state this type of occupational disease in an employee?
  • An infarction of a home worker - how to qualify him (15)
    An employee suffered a heart attack while working at home. He was resuscitated by the ambulance, which then took him to the hospital. The patient died the next day without regaining consciousness. Is this an accident at work?
  • How should an occupational doctor sign on the certificate (16)
    Occupational health clinics operating in various cities within the network of facilities have the seal "occupational medicine outpatient clinic". Doctors issuing such a certificate also do not have the seal of information that they are occupational medicine doctors. How should they sign so that there is no doubt in the workplace, whether such certification is valid?

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