Menedżer Produkcji (Production Manager) 2021/62 (04-05)

  • From the practice of a production manager
    • "The power of mentoring" - how to build a mentoring program that works - on the example of Philip Morris Polska
      Not without reason the word mentoring includes the word ring - this is how one of the mentoring program participants jokingly said about his reflection on the importance of mentoring, justifying this comparison to a place "Clashes" between mentee and mentor - a clash from which both sides can emerge victorious, learn about their strengths and areas in which they still need support and training.
    • 5 Why. Why is it worth asking "why?"
      One of the industry jokes is: what do Lean Management practice and a 5-year-old child have in common? The constant question "why?" "Why?" "Why?"! And although there is a grain of truth in it, because the 5 Why method itself seems really child's play, in this approach we can also find surprising depth, and even some pitfalls.
    • Process approach to production
      The world is changing dynamically before our eyes, and the new situation requires companies to abandon the existing, learned way of operating. Contemporary enterprises are still looking for new solutions and system concepts that enable them to increase the efficiency of operations in a very competitive market. How can this be achieved?
    • HOSHIN KANRI as a part of Lean Management
      If you look around you will notice many companies that are successfully achieving their strategic goals, but even more that can only dream about it. Although the vast majority of companies apply strategic planning in practice, few of them achieve satisfactory results. As it can be seen, when analyzing the available data, it is not enough to have a well-thought- out and refined strategy, what counts is the ability to implement it.
    • From a steam engine to an intelligent machine, i.e. Industry 4.0
      Industrial revolutions that resulted in significant changes in the structure and organization of production. Without diminishing, of course, the importance of groundbreaking inventions, without which humanity would not go forward, incl. such as a wheel or the first mechanical transmissions - the term "industrial revolution" first appeared in modern times.
    • Holistic approach to compressed air
      As science advances, no one denies the value of proper diagnostics and in-depth analysis before embarking on any venture. So why shouldn't a similar approach accompany your compressed air system as a whole?
  • The art of motivating
    • How to take care of mental health of production workers?
      The pandemic revealed that we need more mental health action. We should act for our own health, the mental health of our relatives, friends or colleagues.
    • Individual approach to managing people - how to use it in everyday work with subordinates?
      In this article, we will look at the so-called situational leadership (the theory of Ken Blanchard and Paul Hersey), which helps the boss to realize the benefits of an individual approach in management, but above all shows how to implement this idea step by step into everyday work. The authors of the model pay attention to what specific guidelines should be followed in order to effectively motivate various employees and encourage them to achieve high results in their work.
    • Effective internal communication in a production plant
      According to the Deloitte Trends HR 2018 report, e-mail (98%) and telephone (92%) are the two most frequently used corporate communication channels. A If a significant part of the team does not have a work number and e-mail address - such as in the case of large production plants? Online communication is then not enough, and other tools come into play. How to choose them and why are they so important?
  • Expert article
    • Why do companies decide to relocate their production plants to Poland?
      Some companies decide to move their production halls from Asia to the Vistula River, thus diversifying their business and shortening their supply chains. On the other hand, Western concerns, by locating factories in Poland, optimize the costs of running a business, simultaneously taking advantage of many benefits that various regions want to attract new investors to.
  • Conflicts in the hall
    • Reduction of theft and disappearance of goods in production
      Even in the best-managed organizations, problems arise from time to time. One of the problems faced by manufacturing departments is theft. The easier it is to sell the goods, the more often they die. How to deal with such situations? How to prevent them?
  • Inspector's eye
    • Health and safety at work not only on paper - about safety in a production plant
      According to the Central Statistical Office, 83,205 people suffered as a result of accidents at work in Poland in 2019. This is respectively 1.3% and 5.8% less compared to the previous period and data from 2017. While the downward trend is encouraging, there is still much to be done in terms of occupational health and safety. This challenge is faced by particularly large enterprises, which are responsible for the health and even the lives of hundreds of employees.
    • What should you remember when hiring a foreigner during a pandemic?
      In connection with the coronavirus pandemic, the legislator introduced a number of specific solutions to facilitate the functioning of entrepreneurs and employees. He also did not forget about the special situation of those employed who are foreigners.
  • The subject of the issue
    • How to improve production with modern applications?
      The article provides tips for people who are involved in the search and / or decision-making on the implementation of modern applications in industrial plants. Especially in small and medium-sized enterprises with Polish capital.
    • Secrets of artificial intelligence
      What if more than three years ago Elon Musk, behind brands such as Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX, warned: "AI l is a fundamental risk to the existence of human civilization" - artificial intelligence is a significant threat to the existence of human civilization. Could he be right? What does the broad concept of artificial intelligence mean? How can we use it?
    • Is it worth robotizing production?
      Requirements for enterprises, imposed legal regulations, competition and increasing production costs force organizations to focus their attention on the use of technological solutions for the automation and robotization of production processes, not only to improve efficiency or quality, but also to reduce costs.

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