Monitor Prawa Pracy (Labor Law Monitor) 2018/10


  • News
    • Change in the composition of the employer's management body and the course of the termination of the employment contract in disciplinary mode
    • Overtime remuneration is payable only for work actually carried out
    • Changes in the law
    • Draft amendments to legal acts
    • The concept of work of equal value
  • Articles
    • Domestic and foreign cooperation as an indispensable component of contemporary scientific research on the example of labor law and social security law
    • Act on collective redundancies and termination of working conditions and pay in the light of TS case law
    • Employee's right to image as a subject of legal protection
    • Limitation of claims for personal injury
    • Two-instance court proceedings against the dismissal of an officer of the Prison Service from disciplinary punishment
    • Family salary for a family member of the deceased judge
    • Entitlement to convert your pension
    • Determining the amount of the pension paid under the provisions of Polish law
    • Jurisdiction in matters relating to individual employment contracts
    • Refusal to grant a pension
    • Problems with terminating a contract of employment with a pregnant employee

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