• News
    • Determining the working time by the employer and overtime
    • Changes in the law
    • Increase in the minimum wage to PLN 2,800
    • Assessment of the admissibility of employing a sole partner of a limited liability company under an employment contract
  • Articles
    • Restrictions on the rights of employees in Shield 4.0 - some reflections in the context of constitutional principles
    • Preamble to the Constitution of the Republic of Poland of 1997 - does Polish labor law “remember” about it?
    • Principles of material liability of employees for entrusted property
    • Performance of work outside the EU by an EU citizen residing in a Member State - determination of applicable social security legislation
    • Mutually agreed position of the representative trade union organizations in the event of the employer introducing changes to the remuneration regulations
    • Employee liability for damage - the impact of the inventory on the proper entrusting of property in the light of art. 124 § 1 point 1 of the CCP
    • Retraining a person incapable of performing work in accordance with their qualifications
      Determining the employer's status of international transport drivers

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