Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2020/22

  • News
    • Participants in the demarcation procedure
    • The tax interpretation protects the capital company also after the transformation
    • The criminal court does not always need to make a statement of reasons on the form
    • Short term rental
    • An authorization to bring a maintenance claim
    • The right to bring a complaint
  • Articles
    • Doubts as to the mental status of a witness in civil and criminal proceedings - comparative remarks
    • Degrees of probability of committing a crime from the perspective of selection mechanisms in a criminal trial. Considerations based on the institutions of Art. 307 of the CCP
    • For the Polish Financial Supervision Authority to recognize a branch of a credit institution as significant
    • Amendment of the conceptual cybersecurity grid
    • The concept of an incident
    • Providing false testimony by the perpetrator of the crime for fear of the threat of criminal liability

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