• Articles
    • The allegation of set-off after the amendment
    • Rules for formulating applications and statements of the parties in pleadings, in the context of the changes introduced by the Act of March 9, 2023 amending the Act - Code of Civil Procedure and certain other acts
    • The collapse of the Polish Code of Civil Procedure
    • Directions of changes in the system of appeals
    • Amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure of March 9, 2023 - introduction
    • Return of a pleading lodged by a professional attorney
    • Direct (autonomous) deliveries in KPC
    • Service via court bailiff
    • Reservation to the minutes of the open session, i.e. "vigilantibus iura scripta sunt"
    • Obligatory suspension of civil examination proceedings ex officio pursuant to Art. 174 § 1 point 1 and 2 of the Code of Civil Procedure
    • Rules for drawing up and delivering justifications for judgments in civil proceedings
    • On the new requirements for a pleading submitted by a professional representative (Article 128 of the Code of Civil Proceedings)
    • Complaint in the examination proceedings after the amendment of the Code of Civil Proceedings of March 9, 2023
    • Proceedings involving consumers - selected issues
    • Proceedings in commercial cases and simplified proceedings after the amendments to the Code of Civil Proceedings of March 9, 2023

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