• Where is freedom, there is responsibility
    In the conditions of liberalization of the economy, one should remember the main thing: nobody canceled labor protection requirements and responsibility for their violation, the Director of the State Labor Inspection Department of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Republic of Belarus emphasized in the course of held in Mogilev IV Republican scientific and practical conference “Creating healthy and safe working conditions. Prevention of occupational injuries.
  • To the insurance did not disappoint
    The participants of the republican seminar “Labor Protection Day” were the heads of housing and public utilities enterprises from all regions of the republic, representatives of the Ministry of Housing and Communal Services, trade unions.
  • Safety requirements for the device and the content of the organization
    The territory of the organization is a land plot, enshrined behind it according to the general plan, on which the main and auxiliary production tasks and facilities, sanitary and domestic premises are located.
  • Labor protection: theory in practice
    Everything flows, and life is changing rapidly. For almost a hundred years, having gone through various stages of development, the social protection system of the Republic of Belarus tackles tasks taking into account realities and new requirements, including in the area of labor protection, which the Republican Center for the Protection of Labor Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. What are its capabilities, powers, and most importantly - the achieved results and immediate goals?
  • Forging and pressing
    In accordance with subprogramme 2, Labor Protection, of the State Program on Social Protection and Employment Promotion for 2016–2020, this year is declared the Year of Safe Labor in Industry.
  • Security degree
    One of the leading domestic producers of alcoholic beverages and exporters of OJSC Brest Distillery Belalko has more than a hundred and fifty top quality awards. Advanced technologies have been introduced at the plant, and certified STB ISO 22000 certified food quality and food safety management systems are successfully operating. Another strategic direction in the JSC’s work has been to ensure the safety of workplaces and labor protection both at the head enterprise in Brest and two branches producing rectified ethyl alcohol. Although alcoholic beverage production is fraught with possible risks, the concept of “industrial injury” here is associated with theory, and not with practice.
    Operation of electrically operated suspended cradles
    The speed of construction work is significantly increased by lifts: lifts with electric winters, mast lifts sectional, self-propelled car lifts, construction hoists with electric drive, etc.
  • Fire safety in organizations: practical aspects
    We continue to publish an approximate general object fire safety instructions, which can be adapted to the conditions of various organizations of all forms of ownership, taking into account the specifics of their activities.
  • First aid problems
    Sometimes you have to face situations where workers cannot provide first aid to the victim. There are several reasons for this. Among them is a reluctance to attract increased attention or previous negative experience. However, the most common reason for refusing any action is the fear of harming a person, the fear of taking responsibility. Therefore, the question immediately arises whether the employee is obliged to provide first aid.
  • Computer visual syndrome and its prevention
    Computer visual syndrome (GLC) is one of the three components of a computer syndrome, which includes changes in the musculoskeletal system, carpal tunnel syndrome (manifested as long-term pain and numbness of the fingers) and directly a computer viewer. This term was first introduced in 2001 by the American Optometrist Association (American Optometric Association), which united under this concept a complex of visual and ocular symptoms associated with long-term work on a personal computer.

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