Problemy Jakości (Quality Problems) 2021/04

  • Scientific conference entitled “Q of Excellence. Good practices in improving medical services in Pomerania"
    On March 26, 2021, the third scientific conference in the series was held. “Q of Excellence. Good practices in improving medical services in Pomerania”.
  • Modular training seminar entitled "System tools for improvement" - part I
    At the end of 2020, the POLISH ISO 9000 FORUM Club and the Polish Association of Management Quality POLISOLAB organized and conducted a modular training seminar entitled "System tools for improvement", the aim of which was to systematize the knowledge of individual system tools and the requirements applicable in this area, as well as to indicate the existing correlations in their skilful application. The seminar consisted of 7 modules on selected improvement tools included in the ISO 9001 standard and lasted almost two months, enjoying unflagging popularity. For obvious reasons, dictated by the restrictions related to the ongoing pandemic, the seminar was conducted in a remote formula with the use of an Internet communicator.
  • Metaphors used in quality management
  • Ensuring information security as the basis for the functioning of an organization
    Information is the most valuable resource, often exceeding the value of the means of production. Whoever has the right information and is able to use it effectively, is most often ahead of the competition. From the point of view of legal regulations, it is necessary to ensure the security of personal data, data constituting, for example, medical secrets, legal secrets, business secrets, or information, the unauthorized disclosure of which could pose a significant threat to the fundamental interests of the Republic of Poland regarding: public order, defense, security, international relations or economic state.
  • From good to outstanding organization - Dr. Piotr Rogala talks to EFQM assessors
    In 2019, a new version of the EFQM Model was introduced. Last year, it was used in the process of evaluating organizations applying for prestigious awards granted by EFQM, including the Global EFQM Award.
  • Commodity science in management and quality sciences
    The aim of the study was to identify the scope and identity of commodity science understood as quality science and its role and place in the classification of sciences. The study was conducted with the use of direct (personal) interview and literature analysis, which are typical techniques for qualitative analyzes. The empirical part of the study defines the scope and challenges of modern commodity science and the challenges posed by qualifying commodity science to the new discipline of management and quality science. The author's contribution is the implementation of a pioneering qualitative research and systematization of the obtained conclusions.
  • Laws of harmony in improving the procedural approach
    The aim of the article is to show the relationship of the laws of harmony with selected aspects of improving the process approach. In order to achieve the goal, the following research methods were used: literature analysis, analysis and logical construction. The article presents the contemporary context of Karol Adamiecki's laws of harmony in a procedural approach. Selected process definitions and an outline of the process approach characteristics are presented. Relationships between the process approach and process management were explained. The main determinants of the process approach were indicated. The concept of improvement was discussed, as well as its aspects in terms of organization. It was found that all the laws of harmony are justified in the modern approach to process improvement in the organization, thus they are one of the theoretical foundations of process management in terms of: operational (process approach), strategic (system approach) and improvement.

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