• The subject of the issue
    • Work at heights on high-voltage lines (8)
      Work on power equipment and installations is particularly dangerous. They should be performed on command and by at least two people. What additional conditions should the employer meet in the case of work at height on a high-voltage line?
  • Work safety
    • Safety on construction sites (16)
      The Office of Technical Inspection deals with, inter alia, activities aimed at ensuring the safe operation of technical devices. Improperly operated devices may pose a threat to human life or health. What are the most common mistakes?
  • Personal protection
    • Selection of hand protection for the welder (22)
      The selection of personal protective equipment should be made in accordance with the hazards in the workplace. So how to properly equip welders with personal protective equipment and prepare them to perform a specific task?
    • The best protection of the hand against an electric arc (23)
      We all deal with the phenomenon of an electric arc, for example when we turn on a light bulb.
    • Skid resistance of safety footwear (25)
      Research shows that each year in our country there are many slip-related accidents on the premises of workplaces. How can this be prevented? It is important, among others the use of appropriate material for the soles in the safety shoes.
    • Overview of safety and safety footwear with toe cap (35)
  • Ergonomics
    • Changes in the approach to heavy work and computer work (48)
      What changes do occupational health and safety practitioners face when measuring energy expenditure and working at a computer? The article discusses the above problems and considers their ergonomic solution.
  • Crash analysis
    • Collective accident while operating a concrete pump (52)
      There was a serious accident at work at the construction site of the tennis courts. A pump boom arm fell on two of the workers. According to the inspector of the National Labor Inspectorate, the cause of the accident was the installation of the concrete pump support on unstable ground, close to a narrow-space excavation.
  • First aid
    • Electric Shock - What Next? (56)
      The flow of electricity through the human body can have serious consequences. Symptoms may be immediate or delayed. The article presents first aid in case of electric shock.
  • Practical tools
    • Implementation of behavioral changes in the organization. The Six-Way Influence Method (59)
      There are many ways to influence behavior change. One is the use of six sources of influence. According to this model, there is no need to change everything at once. First, identify the so-called key behaviors and focus your attention on them. How does it work in practice?
  • Psychology
    • Remote work. Advantages and disadvantages - part I (62)
      Recently, many employees had to face a radical change in the conditions of their professional work. What are the consequences and challenges of changing stationary work to remote work for employers and employees?
  • Law
    • Employers want to know about the employee's illness (66)
      Employees with a disability certificate are not required to inform their employer about it. However, they would like to know this in order to avoid contributions to PFRON. We should remember that the employer's lack of knowledge about the deteriorating health of employees affects work safety.
  • Events (70)

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