• The subject of the month
    • Employment and social assistance for Ukrainian citizens - regulations included in the special purpose (13)
      Ukrainian citizens who cross the Ukrainian-Polish border from the first day of the Russian military invasion, i.e. from February 24, 2022, may legally stay in Poland for 18 months. During this time, they are allowed to work on the same principles as Pola-kom, but the employer must inform the poviat labor office about it. They also have the right to apply for a PESEL.
  • Labor law
    • Drivers' working time records after shifts - driving rules (21)
      From May 29, 2022, the amended regulations regarding the recording of drivers' working time will enter into force. From that day, regardless of the type of transport, the compulsory use of tachographs in connection with them or the lack of such an obligation, the records will be kept in paper or electronic form and have a scope analogous to the scope of work time records kept for other employees . The storage period will be extended from 3 to 10 years.
  • Salaries
    • Using a company car for private purposes after changes in regulations (27)
      When accounting for the benefit of making a company car available to an employee for private purposes, the number of days of private use of the vehicle in a given month by the employee and the engine power or type of drive used in the car should be taken into account.

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