• Theme of the month
    • Company Social Benefits Fund (ZFŚS) at the turn of the year - employer's obligations (11)
      As in previous years, the obligation to conduct social activity in the form of a company social benefit fund in 2023 still applies to employers who employ at least 50 full-time employees as at 1 January this year, and regardless of the number of employees, entities budgetary and local government budgetary establishments. On the other hand, employers employing at least 20 and less than 50 employees in full-time equivalents establish the Social Fund at the request of a company trade union organization.
  • Labor law
    • Change of working or pay conditions - employer's behavior (15)
      An employer who intends to change the employee's working or pay conditions is obliged to do so in one of two acceptable modes - an agreement or a changing notice. The first is always admissible - provided that the employee agrees to it, while the second is subject to restrictions resulting from the applicable labor law.
  • Salaries
    • Principles of remuneration of managing employees for overtime work (24)
      The applicable provisions of the Labor Code, which regulate working time, allow managers not to pay for overtime. However, the overtime workload of employees managing the workplace on behalf of the employer and managers of separate organizational units cannot occur permanently.

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