Służby Utrzymania Ruchu (SUR) (Maintenance Service) 2021/06 (11-12)

  • The subject of the issue
    • Oil filtering as a way to machine reliability (5)
      There is no doubt that the quality of the lubricant, including oil, determines the safety of machines and the technological processes carried out. It is estimated that in hydraulic systems alone, approximately 75% of failures are caused by contamination of the working fluid.
  • Power engineering
    • Thermal imaging diagnostics in the power industry (19)
      Being aware that the quality of electricity and the safety of its use are closely related to the technical condition of installations and devices, we must also be aware that traditional inspections and inspections without the use of appropriate equipment may not give a complete picture of the actual state of all connections on the path covered by electricity.
    • Reduction of downtime in production thanks to the use of a management system (21)
      Electricity generates costs for the production company both directly (it accounts for several or a dozen or so percent of the company's operating costs) and indirectly - its inappropriate parameters or shortage may cause irregularities in the work (e.g. faster wear of machines), and even delays or downtimes. In order to balance all these aspects, companies are increasingly using an electricity management system.
    • Construction of renewable energy sources installations by housing communities and cooperatives - basic legal issues (24)
      The provisions of the Act on renewable energy sources allow both communities and housing cooperatives to use renewable energy sources by constructing renewable energy installations. In this article, we will look at the above issue from the perspective of applicable law, bearing in mind that investments in renewable energy sources, especially heat pumps and photovoltaic installations, will gain more and more supporters among individual recipients, especially thanks to the possibility of co-financing photovoltaics and heat pumps from various programs, both governmental and local government.
  • Exploitation
    • Disinfection in industrial plants - learn the power of steam (28)
      The cleaning method in the food industry should be effective and economical. The use of steam for cleaning machines and devices in the food industry additionally ensures that no waste is generated.
  • Prevention
    • Detecting and fixing problems before they cause an unplanned stoppage of the machine (30)
      They say that you have to know the enemy in order to win. It is no different in the case of failure on production lines. In order to detect and remove problems related to lines or machines - we must first learn about them from scratch. An excellent tool for this is the failure / downtime database. It is a kind of archive that we should refer to in order to analyze the downtime that took place before and their causes. Thanks to this tool, we will be able to detect problems more effectively in the future - before they cause unplanned downtime of machines.
    • FMEA analysis (35)
      Each company aims to minimize the production costs of its products while maintaining their high quality. This can be achieved, for example, by product quality planning at a strategic level. The designer who creates a new product has the greatest possibilities of preventing the occurrence of errors, because when the product is already in series production or even to the customer - the possibilities of eliminating errors are limited and at the same time very expensive. A good example of such a state of affairs are global service campaigns of some automotive concerns.
  • Automation
    • Automated production process (40)
      The rapid increase in production, which characterizes the development of modern industry, requires a systematic increase in the level of organization and automation of production processes. It is possible, among others thanks to the comprehensive automation of all areas related to production, from enterprise management, through design, production management, to the automation of production processes.
    • Conveyor belts and drive chains (44)
      The use of conveyors allows for better control of production processes, directs responsibility for the processes at every stage of product development, and most importantly, enables faster adaptation to customer needs. Conveyors and the associated equipment solve problems that are often not dealt with by the human factor.
  • Special supplement: Safety in production
    • Protection against electric shock during the operation of machines (58)
      Due to the common use of live machines and devices and not always their proper technical condition, their operation during their use or operation may cause effects related to the operation of electricity which are dangerous for humans.

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