• Subject of the number
    • Powering industrial plants locally and globally (6)
      The power supply system of the production plant should take into account, apart from less significant factors, three basic factors characterizing the plant's energy consumption: the level of power demand (power value), the dynamics of changes in power demand (how quickly additional power should be supplied) and the possibility of reducing the demand ( short term or long term).
  • Report
    • The market of cables and fire-resistant cables and wires in Poland (12)
      Wires and wiring are elements without which it is difficult to imagine any modern production line, factory or machine. According to the data of the Central Statistical Office, in 2021 the most power cables were produced.
  • Production
    • Fasteners (14)
      It is hard to imagine a modern assembly line, machine or any slightly more complex product without fasteners. Let's consider what fasteners are and what features they should have in order to fulfill all their functions and tasks that are set for them.
    • ifm moneo – a modern IIoT platform adapted to the needs of industry and production (18)
      The system for reading, processing and evaluating digital data coming directly from industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors installed on the production line is a key element to manage digital production. It must be a reliable basis for making decisions not only related to the optimization of production, but it should also allow for predictive maintenance of machines or downtime planning, and thus increase the efficiency of the installation.
    • Seagull is not only a cleaning cloth (20)
      It would seem that textile wipes cannot compete with cellulose wipers - disposable products that are very convenient to use. It turns out that this is not the case, which is proven by the Mewa company with its business model, unchanged for 115 years. What's more, thanks to the services it provides, each of its clients can significantly contribute to environmental protection.
    • 5S system. Implementation pitfalls and pitfalls and how to avoid them (38)
      5S, i.e. the proper organization of the workplace, or the ownership approach to its areas, is a system or a set of strictly defined and following steps to eliminate waste from processes. In many cases, it is implemented at the very beginning of the continuous improvement process in accordance with the principle "A place for everything, everything in place".
  • Technologies
    • Port solutions (22)
      A container, i.e. a box (usually metal) of a standardized design and size, is the basic tool for transporting many loads. In intermodal transport alone, almost a million containers are used annually in Poland. The lion's share are 20-foot containers, and the next group are 40-foot containers.
    • A new series of explosion-proof, flameproof and reinforced motors (according to ATEX) in the IE3 efficiency class (26)
      The global trend of reducing harmful gas emissions as a side effect of energy production processes (e.g. from coal) is the main incentive to search for new energy sources (e.g. renewable) and to improve current equipment and industrial processes in order to reduce the consumption of energy produced.
    • Innovations in plastics (28)
      After the production of food and metals, the plastics industry is at the forefront of industrial processing in Poland. It is an important component of our economy, as evidenced by statistics. It is estimated that approx. 200,000 people work in this sector. people, and production has more than doubled in the last 10 years. The development of this branch of industry is ahead of other sectors, and the average annual growth rate is 7.7 percent. Of course, this industry is also affected by crises. The COVID-19 pandemic, and now the war in Ukraine, has caused, among others, increase in production costs and interruption of the supply chain.
    • Collecting data without drawing conclusions is naive, not the implementation of Industry 4.0 (32)
      Data has become a hot topic and companies are trying to be “data driven” – by investing in tools and data analytics teams. The assumption that all data is organized and easily accessible is far from the truth. In fact, data scientists spend 80% of their time preparing data.
  • Market
    • Failure - how to plan the purchase of a machine to minimize downtime (34)
      When buying a machine, you must always bear in mind that after it is delivered and installed, it may turn out that it does not work properly, does not meet the buyer's expectations, has visible defects or other defects. Sometimes it is only after some time after the machine has been assembled and started that faults or other irregularities in its operation come to light.
    • Leasing market in Poland - the demand for financing machinery and equipment is growing (42)
      The first three months of 2023 confirmed that the Polish leasing market has returned to the path of dynamic development. In the first quarter of 2023, the PKO Leasing Group financed investments worth over PLN 3 billion. What is worth emphasizing, in the machinery and equipment segment, it recorded a growth rate significantly above the market.
    • ITM Industry Europe 2023 is behind us (44)
      This year's ITM INDUSTRX EUROPE 2023 is history. From May 30 to June 2, the grounds of the Poznań International Fair were visited by over 15,000 people. visitors. They could admire the fair exhibitions prepared by almost 700 companies from around the world, which were located in seven halls.
  • Special feature
    • Components of unbalance occurring on the rotor during rotation (50)
      The concept of unbalance applies to both rigid and flexible rotors. On a rigid rotor, the initial unbalance is constant over the entire range of rotational speed variation. On a flexible rotor, the bending is variable and depends on the rotational speed.

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