• The subject of the magazine number
    • CNC machine tool service
      There are currently at least a dozen or so manufacturers of CNC machine tools and several dozen companies selling CNC machines from around the world on the Polish market. These include machining centers, milling and turning centers, presses, laser and plasma cutters, and even CNC machines for woodworking.
    • CNC machining - more and better (10)
      Certainly, this year will be marked by further improvement of CNC equipment. Equipment will become increasingly automated. The Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are already on the horizon.
    • Quality assurance through an optimal cleaning and surface preparation process (18)
      Nowadays, the purity of components is as much a quality criterion as dimensional accuracy. It is defined by specific specifications for the purity of the particles and increasingly thin films. Reliably meeting these requirements can be quite a challenge. To make operations cost-effective, it is becoming increasingly important to design cleaning processes according to user requirements and achieve repeatable cleanliness results.
    • Real-time oil monitoring. Application examples (20)
      Oil condition monitoring is essential to any preventive maintenance (PM) program. OCM includes measurement, monitoring and analysis of changes in lubricating oils (similar tests are carried out for fuels) in terms of impurities and chemical content, as well as tracking the deterioration of oil quality from new to the time of its withdrawal from use. This data can be used to gain insight into performance and reliability issues and lay the groundwork for a more effective maintenance program.
    • Are you ready for the future? Product label – access to SEW-EURODRIVE digital services (28)
      The product label allows you to quickly and easily link your product to our digital services. Just scan the QR code with your smartphone or tablet and immediately use our many digital services: from access to all data and documents for specific products, through visual control of the operating position of the drive, quick access to error analysis and service orders, to the selection and ordering of spare parts or new equivalents.
    • Small supporters of a safe production process - packaging for tools, plugs, caps, handles (30)
      The subject (according to the author of the article) at first impression does not seem to have much to do with the safety of the production process, and if so, to a very small extent. As the subject itself indicates: "small helpers of a safe production process", but are they really so small?
    • Gemba (53)
      Gemba is a Japanese word meaning "place of actual work" or "place of action". In a business context, this literally means where the actual work is done. It is where products are made, produced, services are provided and customers are served.
  • Production
    • Safe connections in extreme conditions (56)
      Nowadays, cables are an inseparable element of infrastructure in the field of telecommunications, electronics, industry and energy. When the cables are located in areas exposed to high temperatures, it is especially important that they are robust and fire resistant. This is why fire resistant cables were created.
  • Technologies
    • How to easily solve the problem of adjusting sensors? (36)
      Thanks to sensors, we have the ability to control individual devices and control the course of production processes. Thanks to them, we check the presence of goods, their dimensions, the direction of movement, their quantity, quality, etc. Undoubtedly, they are invaluable help, but in order to work reliably - they must be properly installed. Therefore, almost every constructor in his work encounters the problem of assembling various types of sensors connected to the control system.
    • Trends in heat treatment (38)
      Heat treatment is an essential part of the production process. It is used when it is necessary to change the properties of metal elements (e.g. when they are to be made more hard or plastic). New features are given by heating, annealing and cooling to appropriate temperatures at a certain speed. Heat treatment is used in many industries, including in the automotive, aerospace and energy industries.
    • The service is awake so that someone can sleep peacefully (42)
      Experts who perfectly know the needs of machines and robots, and at the same time equipped with specialist knowledge, effective repair procedures and appropriate tools, guarantee trouble-free production - always 100%, always on time.
    • Serial production with frequent changes of the assortment (44)
      Serial production of a wide range of parts in randomly repeated production batches is a complicated and demanding process. What's more, the machining itself is a big challenge for machines, operators and tooling.
    • Automation of welding processes (47)
      Most Polish industrial plants still weld manually, but in recent years, entrepreneurs - sometimes under pressure from the market and customers - have increasingly started to use more advanced solutions that support welding processes. To improve quality and efficiency, they reach for mechanized, semi-automatic and automatic welding equipment..
  • Interview
    • Leasing of machinery and equipment (51)
      Piotr Klimczak, Director of the Machinery and Equipment Market at PKO Leasing, speaks out.
  • Market
    • Used machines (50)
      An advanced and failure-free machine park is the foundation of a thriving enterprise. A barrier to its development may be the purchase price of new machinery and equipment. That is why many companies decide to retrofit production lines using the offers of the secondary market. Where to look for used machines, what to look for when buying them and how to finance it?
  • Measurements and quality
    • How to precisely measure large diameters on large-size elements? (55)
      Many large-size machining companies struggle to accurately measure diameters over 300mm, which exceed the range of use of most manufacturers' 3-point bore gauges. The question always then arises, which tool to use to measure the diameters made in the class, e.g. H7, with the appropriate accuracy.
  • Special supplement: Metrology
    • Industrial measurement technologies and the Polish market of measurement equipment (58)
      Metrology and industrial measurements, as well as most manufacturing technologies that are in line with the assumptions of Industry 4.0, are digitizing faster and faster. Metrology 4.0 devices, because this is how we can call modern industrial measuring systems by analogy, are fully connected with manufacturing systems and can be equipped with a number of sensors that monitor their condition on an ongoing basis. These sensors, which are often also vision image sensors, allow measurement systems to orientate themselves in the space and work environment on an ongoing basis, and artificial intelligence algorithms supervise the course of the measurement process.

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