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    • Reducing the impact of plastics on the environment - EU Directive 2019/904 (4)
      The EU Directive 2019/904 covers single-use plastic products, including food containers, straws, cups, plates, shopping bags. The current challenge for Europe is to implement the principles of the circular economy. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to reduce the amount of generated plastic waste and prevent its release into the environment.
    • The new EN 17680 standard supports the sustainable renovation of buildings (8)
      Building renovation is the process of refurbishing, upgrading or restoring a building to its original condition. This is extremely important not only for environmental reasons, but also for many other reasons, ranging from reducing costs to preserving cultural heritage and improving safety. The recently published standard EN 17680:2023 supports the strategic decision-making process for the sustainable renovation of existing buildings, considering that not all buildings should be renovated if the existing building conditions do not allow it.
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    • Synthetic data in healthcare (10)
      Artificial intelligence (AI) uses data to learn and make decisions, but this comes with numerous challenges, including data quality and availability, as well as legal issues.
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    • Lubricants (16)
      Lubricants are substances that are used to reduce friction and wear in moving parts of machinery and equipment. Their use contributes to increasing the durability and efficiency of the mechanisms. There are many different types of lubricants for different applications and operating conditions.
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