Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2020/161 (07)

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    • Medical examinations of employees - the Ministry of Health proposes changes (3)
      At the beginning of June this year there have been proposals to amend the regulation on the conduct of medical examinations of employees. As we read in the justification to the project, the proposed changes result from the urgent need to rationalize the conduct of preventive examinations of employees. They refer to methodological guidelines for conducting such tests, and their purpose is to shorten the time of research as well as to reduce their costs.
    • 8 key changes resulting from the new shield 4.0 (4)
      At the beginning of June this year The Sejm adopted a government bill on subsidies to the interest rate on bank loans granted to provide financial liquidity to entrepreneurs affected by the effects of COVID-19 and to amend some other acts, i.e. 4.0 anti-crisis shield. the act provides, among others changes in referring employees to arrears, facilitating applying for FGŚP funds and extending the period for which additional care allowance is granted.
  • Recipes with commentary
    • Remote work - further ideas to clarify the regulations (5)
      Since the level of regulation of remote work is far from perfect, changes are being designed to clarify the doubts that arise. Unfortunately, the proposals are still far from ideal and seem to be largely detached from reality and the rules and principles of health and safety at work.
  • First aid
    • 8 rules for providing first aid in all situations (6)
      Considering the applicable regulations, everyone should have the ability to rescue people in a state of danger to life and health. But it is not just the regulations that should lead us to this. There are many different types of situations that you may encounter when giving first aid. To cope with each of them, it is worth applying 8 general principles of providing first aid, which allow you to act effectively even in unusual situations.
  • Health and safety training - questions and answers
    • IT specialist on request. Do health and safety training (7)
      It is the employer's obligation to employ an IT specialist under a civil law contract to provide him with safe working conditions. The work of an IT specialist is not associated with such occupational hazards as in the case of particularly dangerous jobs, however, the recommended course of action for the employer will be to provide him with such training.
    • Administrative employee who becomes head of department. What OSH training (8)
      The thematic scope of periodic OHS training for people managing employees is broader than for administrative and office employees. Therefore, even if the employee transferred to a new position has current periodic training for administrative and office employees, he / she should be directed to periodic training for persons managing employees within 6 months of transfer to a new position.
    • Can an electronic OSH training card be used (9)
      Is it allowed to use an electronic OSH training card confirming the completion of the initial OSH training? Authentication of the required signatures would also take place on this card by logging into the individual employee's account.
  • Subject of the issue:
    • Updated risk assessment in connection with COVID-19. Is it obligatory? (10)
      Regardless of the type of duties performed, there is always a risk related to the work performed. Occupational risk assessment is not a one-off episode burdening the employer. It is his duty to monitor the broadly understood work environment. The new threat of coronavirus may raise doubts about the need to update the risk assessment. It is therefore worth determining whether an update is necessary. The more that it can be verified by inspectors of the National Labor Inspectorate.
  • Court case law
    • Carpal tunnel syndrome. When will not be an occupational disease (12)
      Monotype (monotonous) work occurs when the performance of professional activities requires the involvement of only one muscle group or element of the musculoskeletal system, and the performed activities are repeated at intervals of less than 5 minutes. Unfortunately, not all carpal tunnel syndrome will be considered an occupational disease.
  • Working conditions
    • How to store inert gas cylinders (14)
      Inert (inert) gas cylinders can be stored inside the building in specially designed cabinets. Cylinders with other non-inert gases may also be stored in such cabinets. However, there are no legal provisions regarding the requirements for such cabinets. In this case, please indicate the general requirements for storing gas cylinders.
    • Health and safety committee meeting during the COVID-19 epidemic (14)
      The epidemic period complicates the life of employers regardless of the size of employment and organizational and legal form. Although at present the basic challenge is to ensure proper, current workflow, in the case of larger employers one should also remember about periodic obligations, for example related to the need to regularly organize OHS commissions.
    • Who will carry out on-the-job training on the operation of the wheelchair when the supervisor has no knowledge of the subject (16)
      The employee passed the exam for operating single-lift forklifts, at the moment without examination at the Office of Technical Inspection. He was authorized to operate this truck. But the immediate supervisor has no knowledge to carry out such instruction. Who should then carry out such on-the-job training?
  • Fire protection
    • Fire safety - false alarms and protection against them (17)
      The employer is obliged to familiarize employees with fire protection regulations, as well as with procedures in the event of fire. But while ensuring fire safety, you need to pay attention to false alarms of fire detectors. They are dangerous and may be the result of insufficient facility equipment, design or implementation errors of the installation, assembly errors, use and maintenance.
  • Case study
    • Energy expenditure for 12-hour work shift (19)

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