Aktualności BHP - wydanie specjalne (OSH News) 2020/56 (11)

  • Remote work as a new type of remote work and health and safety regulations
    Performing work at the seat of the workplace or from the level of the employer's branch or branch is not always justified. Quite a large part of the professions and specializations can be carried out under an employment relationship - remotely. Working outside the company is primarily associated with teleworking. A new solution, independent of telework, is the possibility of using remote work - under the provisions of the Act on special solutions related to the prevention, prevention and combating of COVID-19, other infectious diseases and crisis situations caused by them. The problem is that the regulations governing the possibility of sending an employee to remote work (for now) ignore the issues related to technical safety at work. This can raise many doubts regarding the provision of safe working conditions for remote workers.
    • Telework (3)
    • Remote work (3)
    • Work specified in the contract (4)
    • Provision of proper working conditions (4)
    • Proper organization of a remote workstation (5)
    • Laptop in the workplace (6)
    • Working on a laptop and ergonomics (6)
  • Risk assessment of teleworker and remote worker - selected problems
    A large group of professions and specializations may function outside the employer's premises, working remotely. We are talking about telework and remote work introduced relatively recently, performed to counteract COVID-19. In the case of the above types of work, one should not forget about the occupational risk assessment, if the work is performed as part of a computer workstation - about the assessment of working conditions in such a position. In a situation where remote work carried out in order to counteract COVID-19 is broadly understood office work, then the occupational risk assessment will practically not differ from that carried out as part of telework.
    • Validity or obligation to carry out a risk assessment (7)
    • Participants in the risk assessment process (8)
    • Documentation of the assessment and information obligation (9)
    • When to update your risk assessment (9)
    • Risk assessment and computer workstation assessment (9)
    • Summary (10)
  • Procedure in the event of an accident of a remote worker
    Performing remote work to counteract COVID-19 may be associated with an accident. it is the responsibility of the remote worker to immediately notify his supervisor of the accident. Under no circumstances does the fact that remote work is carried out outside the workplace relieve the employer from the obligation to appoint an accident team with all the consequences resulting from the accident procedure.
    • An accident at work - not only at the company premises (11)
    • Accident Report (12)
    • Employer activities (12)
    • Responsibilities of the Injury Team (13)
    • Accident protocol and approval (14)
    • Summary (15)
  • Readers' questions
    • How to qualify an employee's accident during remote work (16)

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