ATEST - ochrona pracy (Certificate - work protection) 2019/05

  • Accidents are just one of the problems (3)
  • Technologies and security
    • Excellent results, a lot of suicides (4)
    • The impact of Kaizen's philosophy on occupational safety (18)
      In the past, the Japanese learned modern management from other nations and learned their lessons very well. Currently, Japanese companies are a model for the whole world. Many of them invest in Poland and more and more Polish companies apply Japanese management methods based on the Kaizen philosophy. The question then arises: what can we learn from them in the field of occupational safety?
    • Guide to fire protection - part 18 (32)
      Fire protection requirements for elements of interior finishing and permanent equipment, fire roads - in this part the author discusses fire protection requirements for interior trim elements and fixed equipment as well as fire roads. The previous, seventeenth part of the series was posted in ATEST 4/2019.
  • People and events
    • Anticipate hazards and focus on ergonomics (8)
      A group of over fifty people from the Katowice branch of the National Association of Workers of Health and Safety Service visited the Walbrzych plant Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland on March 1, 2019. The subject of the visit in the plant was risk anticipation and risk reduction based on cooperation between employees and employers.
      Who is who in work protection: Mariusz Głowicki (17)
    • GOLDEN HARNESS 2019 (26)
    • I see my theater ... safe (38)
  • Information
    • Ongoing ... (12)
    • April 28 (16)
      Every year, on April 28, we celebrate the World Day of Safety and Health at Work, also known as the International Day of Remembrance of Occupational and Occupational Health Victims. The Labor Protection Council on 9 April 2019 organized a ceremonial session for the occasion in the Column Hall of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland.
      Accredited laboratories performing work environment research (55)
  • Regulations and standards
    • Changes in the labor law related to the adaptation of the Polish law to the GDPR (13)
      The work on the Act amending certain acts in connection with ensuring the application of Regulation 206/679 (the so-called GDPR) has been completed. In the article, we will look at the changes that were introduced in these legal acts under the Act.
    • Standards harmonized with the Machinery Directive (30)
    • New health and safety regulations and labor law (50)
      Review of legal provisions in the Journal of Laws and Monitor Polski in 2019.
    • Discrimination on the basis of political beliefs (56)
    • Cutters with a traveling hammer (58)
  • Fair
    • Occupational health and safety fair in Katowice (48)
  • Conferences
    • Risk reduction measures - 12 National ATEST Monthly Conference (46)
  • Education
    • Occupational safety technician (51)
    • English for behave (lesson 113) (52)
    • The most current training offer (54)
  • Interview
    • Voices from Poland - an interview with Krzysztof Babka (63)
  • Permanent headings
    • Texts-pretexts (2)
    • Everyday technique (10)
    • The editorial team answers (29)
    • Reading room (36)
    • Health and safety on the network (42)
    • Competition (43)
    • Events (44)

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