Aura - Ochrona Środowiska (AURA Environmental Protection) 2019/06

  • Church against the ecological crisis
    At the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, a conference was held on "The Church in the face of the ecological crisis". During the conference on May 16 this year The Minister of Environment of the Vatican, Father Joshtrom Isaac Kureethadam and representatives of Polish environmental circles, have signed the Appeal.
  • Permaculture - another view of agriculture
    What is permaculture? Constantly deteriorating food quality and the devastation of the natural environment as a result of industrial production have become a challenge for those who believe in the possibility of solving these problems. From the need to oppose these negative tendencies, many exemplary ecological farms were created in Poland, which build the conviction and trust in agriculture and its products in harmony with nature. Permaculture - that is, permanent (agriculture) agriculture - has become a philosophy of integrated designing of the environment and the local community for mutual beneficial support and benefits. After the publication of the permaculture rules by Bill Mollison, considered her father at the end of the 20th century, the attitude of many people to agriculture has changed.
  • Judgment of the Tribunal of March 14, 2019 regarding the concept of waste and shipment of the disputed mixture from the Czech Republic to Poland
    Operative part - The Commission can not be regarded as having produced the evidence required by law to the effect that the disputed mixture is waste within the meaning of Directive 2006/12. Therefore, this institution has not shown that the relocation of this substance from the Czech Republic to Poland at the turn of 2010 and 2011 was - as of the date on which it was carried out - a waste movement within the meaning of Regulation 1013/2006 or that the Czech Republic consequently, it failed to fulfill its obligations resulting from the provisions of art. 24 sec. 2 in connection with art. 28 para. 1 of this regulation. The Commission's complaint must therefore be dismissed.
  • Photovoltaic integrated with the building - BIPV installations
    The BIPV system is based on the combination of structural properties of building elements with the production of electricity. Thanks to technological advances, BIPV can completely replace such building components as roofs or façades or structures such as porches and balconies. The main factors encouraging the installation of BIPV is the growing awareness of the benefits of using integrated photovoltaic modules to generate electricity directly from the sun and their beneficial effect on improving the energy efficiency of the building. BIPV modules are increasingly used in new building constructions. Strengthening standards for energy efficiency of buildings makes technology arouse growing interest among designers and investors.
  • We are close to a climate disaster - we still have a shadow of hope
    Almost every week, new reports of scientists appear, presenting more and more dramatic scenarios regarding the environmental situation on our planet. The dates that appear in the in-depth analyzes of dorms are really chilling in your veins. Here are some examples: sixth gross extinction, biological annihilation, climate crisis, destabilization, global catastrophe, eco-apocalypse, ecological disaster, defaunation, Earth in the greenhouse phase. Disturbing is the fact that sometimes scientists are wrong and this is unfortunately our disadvantage.

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