Bezpieczeństwo Pracy i Ochrona Środowiska w Górnictwie 2018/01

  • Liquidation of the "Siedlec-Moszczenica" Salt Mine of the "Bochnia" salt Mine Ltd.
    The article presents different concepts of liquidation of the "Siedlec-Moszczenica" Salt Mine. Attnetion was also paid to the attempts to use her excavations for other purposes. In the final part of the text, the selected method of winding down shafts (through backfilling) and excavations of exploitation levels (filling with brine) is described.
  • Anchor housing in the designed hard coal mine. General information and assumptions
    The article presents the assumptions and preparatory work of Prairie Mining for the "Jan Karski" mine project. The elements of the "Bogdanka" mine experience were also presented in the scope of using an independent anchoring enclosure to assess the applicability of this enclosure in this project, and analyzed the mining and geological conditions in tha LZW in the context of their comparison with the conditions prevailing in the British Coal mines, where independent anchor housing. The article also discusses the basic requirements, including the legal ones, for the effective use of the anchor housing, the advantages and disadvantages of this technology, and analyzed the reasons for the limited use of anchors in Polish mining.
  • Pathological effects of an electrocuted patient in the first moments after an event (Announcement)
    The article presents pathological changes occurring in electrocuted patients immediately after the event. Histopathological phenomena arising in the human nervous system caused by shock current were discussed. Methods for diagnosing cardiac arrest in humans are presented.
  • Take a march on the trail
  • Where did the Treasurer get underground?