Monitor Prawniczy (Law Monitor) 2019/07

  • News
    • The basis for appealing against the resolution of the management board of a housing cooperative to determine the subject of a separate ownership of premises
    • Telecommunications secret and civil court access to data of a person who infringes personal rights on the Internet
    • The obligation to create an occupational health and safety service by the employer
    • Salary of a professional musician for rehearsals with 50% of the cost
    • Paid disposal of municipal property as a VAT delivery of goods
    • The consumer's right to withdraw from the contract
    • Processing of personal data for journalistic purposes
    • Invalidity of credit agreements with foreign lenders
  • Articles
    • Provisions specifying the main services of the parties (Article 385 § 1 of the Civil Code) and the insurance contract for the investment function
    • A witness-expert against the background of draft law on evidence in simplified proceedings
    • Amended art. 39 of the Civil Code and violations of the rules for the representation of the joint legal entities
    • The burden of the obligation to maintain and renovate balconies in a housing community - considerations on the margin of the Supreme Court jurisprudence
    • The method of delivery of a copy of the pleading including the extension of the claim
    • On the accumulation of contractual penalty reserved in the event of delay or delay with a contractual penalty reserved in the event of withdrawal from the contract
    • Consumer's right to withdraw from the contract concluded at the fair

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