• Subject of the issue: Vacation season and deadlines for post-accident proceedings
    The vacation season may complicate not only the organization of the work process, but also have an impact on ad hoc actions undertaken in the context of unplanned situations. Problems may arise when an accident occurs. This is due to the fact that the accident procedure has its own deadlines. They are not withheld from the leave entitlements of members of the accident team, and even less by the employer. So how to conduct accident proceedings during the holidays?
  • When the accident is not an accident at work
    The procedure for determining the circumstances and causes of an accident at work is specified in the regulation of the Council of Ministers on establishing the circumstances and causes of accidents at work. The employer is obliged to set up a post-accident team immediately after receiving information about the accident. What if the employee has not reported any complaints?
  • What should be the safe road width in the warehouse?
    Question: What should be the road / distance between the high bay racks. In the warehouse, employees use reach stackers. Do laws or standards regulate such distances?
  • Should contractors include groups 3 and 4 in the register of biological agents?
    Question: Should persons employed under a contract of mandate be entered in the registers of work and employees exposed to harmful biological agents in groups e and 4?
  • What health and safety rules apply when employing convicts
    Question: Under an agreement with a prison on paid employment of convicts, on the basis of a referral to work, the forestry office has created a workplace where employees (inmates) will mow grass and weeds with brushcutters that generate vibrations and noise in forest crops. Is the forest inspectorate obliged to create an occupational risk assessment for given positions, even though people are not employed under an employment contract only on the basis of an agreement with a prison?
  • Are medical examinations carried out during the epidemic still valid?
    Question: During the epidemic, the employee performed preliminary examinations to work for a doctor other than an occupational medicine doctor. At present, when there is an epidemic emergency, does the employee have to repeat these tests with an occupational medicine doctor? At what time?
  • When is the first training for the OHS service?
    Question: I started working in the OHS service immediately after graduating from university. Should the first periodic OSH training for the OSH service be completed within 5 years from the date of obtaining the diploma or within one year?
  • Does the employer (a natural person) have to have health and safety training
    Question: Does an employer who runs a car repair shop and employs an employee under a contract of employment have to have medical examinations and OHS training?
  • Who can conduct periodic OSH training for firefighters
    Question: Can the head of a volunteer fire brigade who has periodic OSH training for employers and people managing employees conduct periodic training for firefighters? How long should such periodic training be carried out?
  • When (and if at all) to conduct outstanding OHS training
    Question: An employee has been employed for 3 years under an employment contract. He has not had health and safety training so far. should initial or periodic training be carried out after this time?
  • Can the on-the-job training be conducted before employment?
    Question: Is it possible to conduct the on-the-job training in advance for an employee who is employed in the company, but will be promoted and change the position? The employee works in a blue-collar position until the end of July, and from August he moves to the administrative and office position. Can we pre-train him in the field of on-the-job training now?
  • How to prepare training for service engineers on ships
    Question: I have to conduct initial and periodic training for the position of service engineer (work with electricity, work at a height above 3 m on ships). I have never conducted such training before. What should I include in these trainings?
  • Who should sign the training program?
    Question: I update the health and safety training programs. I have seen the end of the signing of the programmer, the employee representative and the employer as the approver. In the second case, I encountered a situation where at the end the person who developed the program and the employer signed it, and "approved it after consultation with employees". Please let me know which option is valid?
  • Application for immediate suspension of work - 8 authorization of the health and safety service
    An immediate threat to the health or life of employees or other people is a situation that may lead to an accident or even a catastrophe. The occurrence of an immediate threat entitles the employees of the OHS service to submit a request to the employer for immediate suspension of work. However, the final decision rests with the employer. Once again, the regulations follow the structure of the authorization of the health and safety service. in practice, however, it is a legal obligation, especially in the event of a direct threat. How to understand?
  • An employee in the military? There will be no termination notice
    The new law on the defense of the Fatherland introduced employment protection for people who undertake both territorial military service and essential military service (voluntary or compulsory). The scope of protection is different in different cases. So what is the protection against dismissal of an employee called up for military service or military exercises? Can the employer download the employee's military data?
  • More accidents at work in the 1st quarter of 2022
    In the 1st quarter of 2022, 11,111 people were reported injured in work-related accidents, by 2.0% more than in the 1st quarter of 2021. The number of injured persons per 1,000 employed also increased.
  • Extended information on employment conditions - already in August
    After the planned amendment to the Labor Code enters into force (from August this year), the information on employment conditions will be extended with many additional points, about which the employer does not currently have to inform the employee. The deadlines for publishing and updating information will also be new. What will result from the new wording of Art. 29 of the Labor Code?
  • Lump sum for electricity, work tools and other benefits for a remote employee
    As foreseen in the draft act, which is to introduce regulations on remote work to the Labor Code, the employer will have to provide the employee performing remote work with materials and work tools, including technical devices necessary to perform remote work , as well as cover the costs of electricity and telecommunications services necessary to perform remote work. On what terms is this supposed to take place?
  • Employment contract for a trial period - new rules for its conclusion
    From August 2022, the rules for concluding employment contracts for a trial period will change significantly. For how long will it be possible to conclude an employment contract for a trial period? In what situations will it be possible to extend it? Will it still be possible to enter into another trial contract with the same employee?
  • Periodic OHS training during an epidemic emergency - yes or no?
    Due to numerous doubts regarding the conduct of periodic training during an epidemic emergency, we explain: employee work. The new regulations are to come into force in August this year.

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