Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2022/204

  • News
    • There will be new rules on professional activity (3)
      The Ministry of Family and Social Policy presented a draft act on professional activity. It is to replace the Act on Employment Promotion and Labor Market Institutions. The new regulations will introduce the long-awaited separation of the status of an unemployed person from health insurance. They also provide for a central database of job offers (CBOP), which is to contain offers from commercial portals. In addition, a strong emphasis will be placed on lifelong learning. What other new solutions will appear from the new year?
    • New list of jobs prohibited to juveniles (4)
      The draft regulation of the Council of Ministers of May 24, 2022 on the list of jobs prohibited to juveniles and the conditions of their employment in some of these jobs caused a lot of confusion in the public space. The draft regulation was to enter into force on September 1, 2022. However, the legislative process during the holiday season is governed by its own laws. There is no new regulation yet. Check what has changed in this area.
    • New classification of technical faults in vehicles (6)
      Changes in the regulations on technical inspections of vehicles entered into force on 1 November. Technical faults are divided from that day into important and less important in a different way than before.
  • Recipes with commentary
    • Amendment to the Labor Code - employee training and working time (7)
      If the employer instructs the employee to take part in training, such training should be financed by the employer and fully included in the working time. This basic rule lies at the basis of the currently prepared amendment to the Labor Code. Check what are the practical effects of the changes being prepared.
    • Winter period in two regulations (9)
      The provisions of the Regulation on preventive meals and drinks define the winter period as the period from November 1 to March 31. Interestingly, the concept of the winter period also appears in the regulation on general health and safety regulations. however, it is not defined there. Therefore, for the purposes of performing work in the open space, in the context of providing heat sources, is the winter period also the period from November 1 to March 31?
  • Subject of the number
    • A disabled employee and his working time - practical tips (10)
      Disabled employees are entitled to special privileges. This applies, inter alia, to the scope of working time, thanks to which their life and health are protected. As a rule, they acquire the right to this privilege from the moment of presenting the employer with a certificate of disability - often without the need to submit additional applications for it. How to properly apply in practice the specific rules of working time for employees with disabilities?
  • Working conditions
    • Support for overworked employees (13)
      On October 12, we celebrated World Mental Health Day. So much has been said recently about the mental well-being of employees, about the increasing rates of professional burnout, stress, depression, and chronic fatigue. All this can also be the result of overwork and disturbed balance, the lack of boundaries between work and life. What are the first signs of overworked employees? What support can the employer give them?
  • OHS training - Experts answer
    • Who can conduct HACCP training (15)
      Food sector employers have a duty to provide workers with appropriate training. It is acceptable for the employer to conduct training for its employees.
    • Can an employer train its employees (15)
      The employer may organize periodic training (for all occupational groups, with the exception of training for blue-collar workers) in the form of guided self-education.
    • What training group should an animal shelter employee belong to (16)
      In accordance with the current wording of the regulation on training in the field of occupational health and safety for an employee of an animal shelter who is a veterinarian, we qualify for periodic training to a group of employees not listed in § 14 points 1-5, whose nature of work involves exposure to factors harmful to health, arduous or dangerous or with responsibility in the field of occupational health and safety.
    • Whether to conduct initial training after changing employer (17)
      Yes, in the event of a change of employer, the employee must undergo initial training in the entire scope.
  • Social Labor Inspectorate SIP
    • Analyzing the causes of accidents and occupational diseases - another SIP qualification (18)
      Operating on the basis of the Act on social labor inspection, the company's social supervision over working conditions has a wide range of powers and duties. The duty of SIP is not only to participate in post-accident proceedings, but also to participate in analyzing the causes of accidents at work, occupational diseases and other diseases caused by the conditions of the working environment. So what is this share?
  • Questions and Answers
    • Who should familiarize employees with the instructions (including IBP) (20)
      The regulations do not regulate who is to familiarize employees with the fire safety instructions or in what form.
    • What documents to keep when working in dusty conditions (21)
      An employer whose employees perform work exposed to carcinogens is obliged to keep and update the documentation required by the regulation on chemical substances, their mixtures, factors or technological processes with carcinogenic or mutagenic effects in the work environment.
    • Is a social labor inspector entitled to a year of protection against dismissal (22)
      Yes, this results from the provisions of the Act on social labor inspection.
  • Safety instructions
    • Safety instructions for performing work in excavations, pits and ditches (24)

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