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    • Qualification certificates for the operation and maintenance of technical equipment - important dates (3)
      On January 1, 2024, qualification certificates entitling to operate and maintain technical devices will expire. In order to extend the certificate free of charge for the next 5 or 10 years, you need to submit an application for its extension to the technical inspection unit no later than September 30, 2023.
    • Small ZUS plus 12 months longer (4)
      Small ZUS plus is a relief in social security contributions for the smallest companies. People who run a business on a smaller scale and on this basis are registered for insurance in 2023 can take advantage of an additional 12 months of small ZUS plus. How to extend the relief? When will I need to reapply?
    • Changes in drivers' salaries (5)
      The new regulations on the remuneration of drivers and the ban on employment in other companies were signed by the president and published in the Journal of Laws. The new rules must apply from August 19.
  • OHS training - experts answer
    • Whether the employee needs to be retrained after changing the occupation code (6)
      Employing an employee in a different position requires the employer to meet the obligations related to OHS training and preventive medical examinations.
    • Is it possible to combine periodic training of different groups (7)
      It is the employer's duty to provide the employee with training in occupational health and safety before allowing him to work and to conduct periodic training in this area.
    • Should contractors be trained after the end of the epidemic (7)
      When deciding to require the contractor to undergo OHS training (or exemption from it), the principal must take into account the type of work performed and the degree of hazards related to working conditions.
  • Working conditions
    • OHS service under a contract for a trial period (8)
      Recent months have brought significant changes in the area of labor law, including the conclusion of employment contracts. This applies in particular to isms for a trial period, which apply in the case of creating or increasing employment in the occupational health and safety service. what exactly has changed in this regard? And how do the changes in the Labor Code relate to employees of the OHS service and persons performing its tasks?
  • HSE at school
    • School health inspection (10)
      School health inspection can be a stressful experience. In order to minimize the risk of negative consequences, it is worth knowing how it proceeds, what it may end up with and how to prepare for it. Check how the sanitary inspection at school looks like step by step. Make sure which aspects of the school's activities to pay attention to in order to best prepare for this inspection.
    • Failure to complete the renovation of the school during the holidays - how to organize the work of the facility (12)
      Efforts should be made to put into use at least a part of the school building on September 1, which will allow for the temporary organization of two shifts.
    • How many sinks in the school toilet (12)
      In a school building attended by 50 students, each toilet should have at least one sink per 20 students.
    • No possibility to call the accident team again - what can the director do (13)
      In a situation where the existing post-accident team cannot take actions ordered by the leading authority after considering the parent's objections to the findings contained in the post-accident report, the appropriate reaction will be to notify the leading authority of the existing obstacles and the reason for delaying the work of the team.
  • Subject of the number
    • Principles of safe use of power equipment (14)
      The construction industry has been at the forefront of the most accident-prone branches of the economy for years. It is an industry characterized by a high level of occupational risk. The analysis of accidents on construction sites shows that accidents very often occur as a result of electric shock. Electrical installations and devices on the construction site should be made, maintained and operated in such a way that they do not expose employees to electric shock, atmospheric surges, harmful effects of electromagnetic fields and do not pose a fire, explosion or other harmful effects.
  • Questions & Answers
    • Can the room for the cleaning service be in the boiler room (17)
      To put it simply, the gas boiler room in question is not a place where you can create a room for a cleaning service.
    • Where to store fuel oil containers (18)
      When choosing the location of the heating oil tank, reference should be made to the provisions of the regulation on technical conditions to be met by buildings and their location. Then it is recommended to check the provisions of the fire safety instructions for this facility and consult the topic with a fire safety expert.
    • How to calculate the date of next Maximum Permissible Concentrations and Intensities (NDN) tests (19)
      The date of the next tests is counted from the last day of the tests.
    • What qualifications for soft soldering when repairing machines (19)
      The Regulation of the Minister of Economy on occupational health and safety at welding works imposes the obligation to hold qualification authorizations only for persons performing welding works.
  • Safety training
    • How to invest in employee training to keep them for longer (20)
      The possibility of attending training or post-graduate courses at the expense of the employer is a great advantage for many employees. However, enterprises are usually not willing to finance training. If anything, they usually protect themselves against the risk of losing the funds invested in educating the subordinate. After all, the employee can use the acquired skills in another company. So how to make the employee stay in the company for longer after the training at the employer's expense?
  • Accidents at work
    • A witness to an accident on holiday - can it be appealed? (23)
      Accidents at work during the holiday season are not new. They are favored by a reduced number of workstations, and thus an increase in the duties of other employees. In any accident, witnesses to the event are an important source of information. A witness, like every employee, has the right to annual leave according to the plan. What if the witness went on vacation? Take him off leave?
  • Safety instructions
    • Safety instructions for concrete works (24)

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