• Health and safety at screen monitors - the new regulation is getting closer
    The regulation on health and safety conditions at workstations equipped with screen monitors has not been changed for over 20 years. During this time, there has been a huge technological progress, which the Ministry of Labor apparently did not notice. However, that has changed. Finally, a draft regulation appeared, which greatly simplifies the existing solutions. It also allows the employer some freedom in the organization of workstations equipped with screen monitors. What will change exactly?
    • New definitions and clarifications (3)
    • A laptop, but for half a day's work (3)
    • Effects of long-term use of monitors (4)
    • New health and safety and ergonomics requirements (4)
    • Entry into force of new regulations (10)
  • Basic issues regarding ergonomics
    Ergonomics is defined as an interdisciplinary science dealing with the adaptation of tools, machines, the environment and working conditions to the anatomical and psychophysical features of a human being, ensuring efficient, effective and safe work performance at a relatively low biological cost. Taking into account the principles of ergonomics, both in the design and operation phases of facilities, rooms, workstations, machines and technical devices, is unjustly underestimated and treated marginally.
    • Factors shaping the workplace (11)
  • Organization and equipment of an office workstation
    Static work should be avoided as much as possible. During work, muscles that remained immobile in a state of tension get tired more than muscles that make any movements. It should be remembered that energy losses during office work can be significantly reduced by organizing the workstation taking into account the principles of ergonomics. Although it is not possible to completely switch off the static load in office work, it is possible to significantly reduce it.
    • Difficulties and threats at a workplace equipped with a computer (12)
    • Factors shaping the working environment (13)
    • Work rooms (13)
    • Lighting (14)
    • Noise (14)
    • Heating (15)
    • Ventilation, air conditioning (16)

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