• Topic of the issue: Conclusions drawn after the ecological catastrophe on the Odra river
    The mass fish kill in the Oder river in July and August 2022 was one of the biggest ecological disasters in Europe in recent history. What conclusions have been drawn from it?
  • Legal changes
    • Deposit system finally adopted!
      The amendment to the Act on the management of packaging and packaging waste has finally been signed. From January 1, 2025, a deposit-refund system for disposable plastic bottles for drinks with a capacity of up to 3 liters will be in force in Poland. The system will also cover reusable glass packaging for beverages with a capacity of up to 1.5 liters and metal cans with a capacity of up to 1 liter.
    • Battery production in the EU is standardized
      New design, manufacturing and waste management regulations have been approved for all types of batteries sold in the European Union. What changed?
    • Is the packaging plant subject to the SUP Act
      Question: As a production plant, we pack a loose food product in PET packaging. Are we subject to a change in the Act on disposable plastic products (so-called SUP)?
    • How to deal with waste from turning and sawing iron
      Question: In the previous manufacturing decision, the company had a permit to produce waste code 12 01 01 (waste from turning and sawing iron and its alloys). In the currently valid code, there is no permit for this code, but it generates waste. Can it therefore classify waste from turning and sawing iron under the code 17 04 05 which it has in the decision?
    • Principles of waste classification in liquid form
      Question: The company has a polisher on which the samples will be ground, previously covered with resin. The polisher will generate waste, which is water combined with polishing agents, coolant and resin dust. How can I dispose of it and under what code should I classify the waste?
    • Does the construction of a garage require a decision on environmental conditions?
      Question: I am planning to build a garage - do I need to obtain a decision on environmental conditions (hereinafter: duś)?
    • Who is to generate confirmation in BDO
      Question: When generating waste and transferring it to the transporter, should the waste transfer note (KPO) be approved in the waste database (BDO) and also generate a confirmation? Until now, we have always passed the card as approved, but the new transporter accuses us of a mistake. How to do it correctly? 
    • How to start an energy cooperative
      One of the ways to deal with the ever-increasing costs of energy supply is participation in the so-called energy cooperative. Cooperatives of this type operate within the framework of distributed community energy. Find out why and how to set up such a cooperative.
    • Environmental requirements for animal husbandry - part II
      In the first part of the article, we wrote about the permits that may apply to an entrepreneur engaged in animal husbandry. However, not all forms of using the environment require a permit.
    • Separator cleaning frequency
      From the article you will learn how often you should clean separators into which rainwater flows and separators into which industrial sewage flows.
    • Documentation on activities related to protected animals
      Some entities must apply for a permit from the Regional Director for Environmental Protection for prohibited activities in relation to wild animal species under protection (e.g. European beaver). In what cases is it necessary and what does such documentation look like?
    • Rules for the storage of hazardous packaging waste
      Companies often use paints containing hazardous substances in their operations, which leave packaging waste after use (e.g. tins of paints for wood marking - code 15 01 10*). From the article you will learn how you should store such packaging.
    • Settlement period for variable charges
      The variable fee results from the actual scope of water use and is the product of the unit rate for a specific way of using water and the amount of this use by the designated entity. Recently, there was a ruling on the length of the settlement period that we should accept.

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