• Topic of the issue: Important dates and changes in the packaging industry
    Major changes are planned in the near future in the field of packaging waste management. A large part of the projects that will introduce them, however, do not have precise deadlines. What is the indicative schedule and scope of these changes? You will learn from the article.
  • Legal changes
    • Agricultural biogas plants - facilitating investments
      At the end of June, the Senate adopted a draft act on facilitating the preparation and implementation of investments in the field of agricultural biogas plants with amendments.
    • Mechanical-biological processing - new regulations
      A new draft of the regulation of the Minister of Climate and Environment amending the regulation on the mechanical and biological treatment (MBP) of non-segregated (mixed) municipal waste has been published.
    • Amendments to water and wastewater regulations
      At the end of June, the Senate adopted and submitted to the Sejm a draft act amending the act on collective water supply and collective sewage disposal. What are the changes?
    • In what cases is the project information sheet necessary?
      Question: The Office informed that we have to prepare an information sheet for the project - in what cases is it necessary? What should be remembered when preparing it and will we as a company be able to develop it ourselves - can you find templates of such documents somewhere?
    • Proceedings for issuing an environmental decision by a commune
      Question: The commune has suspended the procedure for issuing a decision on environmental conditions until the environmental impact assessment report (EIA report) is submitted. After 3 years from the suspension, the investor did not submit a report, so the proceedings were discontinued. After a few months, the investor submitted another application for an environmental decision (Duś) for the same project, enclosing the EIA report. Is this situation acceptable? Was the investor obliged to submit the project information sheet (KIP) first, and the report at a later stage of the proceedings?
    • Is it possible to sell undamaged packaging?
      Question: We buy raw material for production in Big-bags. If the bags are undamaged, can we resell them, or do they have to be treated as waste?
    • Fee for introducing products in packaging
      Question: Is a company that introduces mineral water in plastic bottles (e.g. 1.5 l) into Poland subject to a fee under the SUP Directive?
    • Warehouse of goods and responsibility for customer waste and packaging
      Question: Company X runs a warehouse in Poland for its foreign customers, where goods are transshipped to other means of transport after their temporary storage. Sometimes the goods are also repackaged in other packaging, and then the transport of these goods to end customers is organised. Who is responsible for the packaging? The logos of the companies that order the repackaging of the goods are placed on them. Who is responsible for the waste generated in the warehouse due to the repackaging of goods? Can liability for packaging and waste be regulated in contracts for reloading and storage services?
    • Amounts of generated waste and environmental obligations
      Question: We are opening a concrete plant and we estimate that the operation will generate approximately 700-800 kg of hazardous waste (mainly oils) and approximately 500 kg of non-hazardous waste per year. Should we get decisions related to waste?
    • Energy certificate of the building and the lease agreement
      According to the change in regulations, from April 28, 2023, when renting a part of a building or premises, an energy performance certificate must be attached. Does this obligation also apply to the islands in the shopping center? What should be done when renting an empty premises in a shopping center when it is not possible to prepare a certificate (there are no devices/installations in the premises yet)? You will find answers to these and other questions in the text.
    • How to check if workers are exposed to noise - Part I
      Studies conducted for years confirm that excessive noise causes negative changes in the psyche, and prolonged exposure to a noisy environment can lead to disorders in the functioning of the body. How should an entrepreneur check whether noise is not excessive at workstations?
    • Multi-material packaging - how to deal with them
      Multi-material packaging waste is subject to special treatment by the provisions of the European Union, which have been implemented into our legal system. How to deal with them?
    • Check how to prepare for an inspection carried out by Polish Waters
      During the inspection of Wody Polskie, inspectors visually assess the devices and installations located on the premises of the plant. From the text you will find out what elements of equipment and documents will be subject to inspection.
    • Decisions related to investment in sewage treatment plants
      Question: We have two sewage treatment plants and we will soon modernize a small sewage treatment plant (rural - located in the commune, but outside the sewage agglomeration of the city) by 446 pe. (approximately 98% hydration) with a slurry tanker to a large sewage treatment plant in order to stabilize it in accordance with the local technology, resulting in waste code 19 08 05 (stabilized municipal sewage sludge). Are there legal contraindications to the implementation of such a project? Are special permits required?

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