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    • April 28 (3)
  • Regulations and standards
    • New health and safety regulations and labor law (2)
    • Occupational health and safety examinations and training during the period of release from the obligation to perform work (12)
      In practice, controversy is raised by the problem of the need to subject an employee to preventive examinations and training in the field of occupational health and safety during the release from the obligation to perform work. The article introduces the essence of this problem, trying to solve it.
    • German versions of B-type standards harmonized with the Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EC (15)
    • Higher one-off compensation amounts (25)
    • Compensation for damage caused by a dangerous product (26)
      In the event of bodily injury or health disorder, the court may award the aggrieved by the dangerous product an appropriate sum as compensation and pecuniary damage. The aggrieved party is not burdened with the burden of proving what cause caused the dangerous nature of the product.
    • Coil packers (45)
      Our checklists make it possible to check whether a specific machine or group of machines meets the safety requirements of regulations and standards. They are also a tool for occupational risk assessment when operating these machines; they can be used as a source of information for safety instructions. Readers use them in different ways; also for training and future machine operators. The next list is for paper reel wrapping machines used in paper making and finishing plants.
  • ABC of OHS
    • "I" is like the OHS instruction (4)
      The OHS instruction is a document in the field of occupational health and safety, which defines the most important aspects of the work that have a significant impact on the safety of an employee - it is difficult to disagree with this laconic entry in Wikipedia. At the outset, let us remind you that the obligation to issue detailed instructions and guidelines on occupational health and safety at workplaces is specified in article 237 paragraph 2 of the Labor Code, according to which the employer is obliged to issue detailed instructions and guidelines regarding health and safety at workplaces.
  • Information
    • Occupational Health and Safety Management (6)
    • How to consciously and safely work at height? (18)
    • "BHP calendars" drawn randomly (24)
  • Education
    • Intelligent PPE: Intelligent Protection for the Future (Lesson 147) (8)
      This article discusses the emergence of intelligent PPE in the workplace. They combine traditional security measures with improved materials or electronic components and can collect data about the user, the working environment or their own application. The study provides recommendations to help make the best use of the potential benefits of intelligent personal protective equipment , highlighting the importance of collaboration between users and manufacturers in this field.
  • Conferences
    • We invite you to the 13th ATEST conference in June in Krakow (10)
  • Health and safety lessons
    • Warehouseman - warehouse worker (Part 9) (20)
  • People and events
    • Sources of working culture in antiquity (28)
    • Safety culture - a common cause (38)
    • Memoirs of a labor inspector from 1991-2011 (part 13) (42)
  • Accidents and breakdowns
    • Accidents at work - falls and slips on a plane (34)
      With the probability bordering on it, it can certainly be assumed that a large group of people involved in determining the circumstances and causes of accidents at work, which in this respect were related to the accident victim's tripping or slipping, to some extent moment, she had to consider how to determine the cause of such an event. At this point, it is possible to perform tasks - it seems obvious in this situation - the question “what is there to think about?”. The injured person has fallen over and the fall is the cause of the accident. However, if we look more closely at the content of the provisions in force in this area, the matter is not so obvious.
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