• A fifty-year-old worker employed as a truck driver was injured
    His daily, typical duties included the broadly understood transport and supply processes, in accordance with the current needs and orders of the site manager and / or managers of particular types of works. As it was established in the course of the explanatory proceedings - immediately before the accident, the driver, due to a temporary stoppage in the performance of his tasks (he was waiting for another transport order), decided to make a round of the serviced section of the construction site.
  • Intelligent PPE: Intelligent Protection for the Future (7). Lesson 148
    This article discusses the emergence of smart personal protective equipment (smart PPE) in the workplace. They combine traditional security measures with improved materials or electronic components and can collect data about the user, the working environment or their own application. While these new technologies promise greater safety and comfort for workers, there are still many obstacles to overcome in order to be effective. With this in mind, the challenges faced by stakeholders were analyzed, such as the need to establish standards and an appropriate testing and certification framework. The study provides recommendations to help you make the best use of the potential benefits of intelligent personal protective equipment, highlighting the importance of collaboration between users and manufacturers in this field.
  • "Landing Day" at the Cracow University of Technology
    Employees in the construction sector are the occupational group most frequently affected by accidents at work. Among them, most accidents occur in the sector of small and medium-sized enterprises, and falls from heights are the real bane of the Polish construction industry.
  • Partnership for safety
    At the turn of March and April, the second part of the maintenance shutdown at the LOTOS refinery took place, during which as many as 50 out of 65 installations at the concern in Gdańsk were stopped. The works were carried out by over 3,000 employees of external companies. The renovation time was used to clean the refinery equipment from contaminants from crude oil processing. Numerous internal audits, inspections, regulatory inspections and examinations of the technical condition of various production facilities were carried out. Automatic and electrical equipment, including control, measuring and safety devices and devices, were checked, renovated and replaced. As a result, the plant's efficiency and technical safety of the installation increased.
  • Everyday technology
    Convenience and comfort while working on your knees MILWAUKEE® has designed advanced knee pads for professionals in the construction, finishing and plumbing industries in mind, ensuring comfortable work and long use. This is guaranteed by the materials used, such as ballistic nylon, foam linings and gel inserts. MILWAUKEE® offers, among others, Protective Gel Knee Pads (item no. 4932478137), which have a durable and hard outer body to protect against injuries, double-adjustable straps for great holding and size adjustment, and buckles adapted for multiple fastening and unfastening.
  • Coil transport systems
    Our checklists make it possible to check whether a specific machine or group of rails meets the safety requirements of regulations and standards. They are also a tool for occupational risk assessment when operating these machines; they can be used as a source of information for safety instructions. Readers use them in different ways; also for the training of future machine operators. The next list is for paper reel wrapping machines used in paper making and finishing plants. The list of the lists published so far can be found on the website www.atest.com.pl in the "Machines - checklist" tab (box "Thematic cycles"). The digital version of most of these publications is available on the Technical Information Portal (www.sigma-not.pl). 

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