• Analysis of gasometric systems used in underground mining plants
    The article presents gasometric systems that are currently used in Polish underground mining plants. The number of telemetry control panel racks used in individual hard coal mines was analyzed, and detailed lists of sensors and other devices installed in underground workings were presented for several selected mines. Of the wide range of sensors available in hard coal mines, over 95% of those used are only four types (measurement of CH4, CO, air velocity and pressure difference). Attention was paid to the increasing importance of underground stations (control units) in the gasometric systems of modern mines. Selected data from 2023 were compared with analogous data from 12 years ago. Attention was also paid to the ongoing process of unification in the production of sensors by individual companies.
  • The use of suspended tractors with battery drive in underground mine transport
    The article characterizes suspended underground tractors with battery drive, type CA-190 and VOLTER, which are increasingly used in mine transport. The process of their certification and approval for use is described and - based on experience gained during operation - the advantages of battery tractors that contribute to improving work safety and efficiency are presented.
  • Reclamation of areas after peat deposit exploitation
    The last stage of mining activity, which undoubtedly changes (sometimes irreversibly) the character of the area covered by the project, is the recultivation of post-mining areas. The obligation to perform it by a mining entrepreneur results not only from the provisions of applicable law, but also from the principles of rational management of natural environment resources. In the case of areas transformed after peat exploitation, one of the ways to restore the land's useful values is to use natural renaturalization processes, i.e. spontaneous introduction of plant and animal communities. The success of the discussed method depends on many factors and must be preceded by a number of treatments enabling the development of peat-forming vegetation. As a result, over time, post-mining areas cease to be associated with mining activities and become attractive in terms of landscape and nature.
  • From a coal mine to a culture mine - 200 years of the history of the "Katowice" mine
  • From the mine straight to the apiary

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