Bezpieczeństwo Pracy - nauka i praktyka (Work Safety) 2021/10

  • Local reports (2)
    • The call for applications for the START 2022 competition has started
    • Entrepreneurs can apply to the PART competition "Employer of Tomorrow"
    • Applications for the competitions of the National Science Center are ongoing
    • The winners of the awards of the Polish Astronomical Society have been announced
  • Occupational health and safety for centuries and decades (4)
    The principles of occupational health and safety have existed since the beginning of mankind, because every action taken by a person carries the risk of a negative impact on his health and well-being, and the natural survival instinct prompts us to devise newer and newer ways to minimize this risk.
  • The aviation industry faces a revolution (9)
    According to experts, the aviation industry must opt for green technologies such as hydrogen or hybrid propulsion - otherwise it will not bear the burden of competition. This and similar topics were discussed on September 8 this year. during the 31st International Defense Industry Exhibition in Kielce.
  • "Lift your head" - European information campaign 2020-2022 (10)
    Musculoskeletal problems, i.e. functional disorders and pains in the spine, upper and lower limbs, neck and shoulders, are often a consequence of the modern lifestyle, dominated by a sitting position and inactivity physical. The nature of the work is also a risk factor - if it is associated with the need to use considerable force to lift, carry and pull loads, with static loads, repetitive movements and a forced body position, there is a good chance that it will contribute to the creation and the development of musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Activities supporting the employment of people with chronic diseases (12)
    Chronic diseases progressively limit the functioning of a person in everyday life, including professional life. They exert a great influence on the ability to perform work and thus to earn money. The etiology of chronic diseases is multifactorial. Professional factors and lifestyle play an important role in their formation. Influencing these factors is one of the most important tasks supporting the employment of people with chronic diseases. The article discusses the main activities in promoting a healthy life and adjusting working conditions to the needs of people with osteoarthritis, selected diseases of the cardiovascular system (coronary arterial disease and hypertension) and diabetes.
  • Systems enabling the identification of falls from a height (17)
    The article discusses two types of systems developed at Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institut, enabling the identification of a person's fall from a height. The operation of the first one is based on an accelerometric measuring system, an implemented hip belt, which is an element of the safety equipment against falls from a height. The operation of the second system is based on the analysis of the recorded video. The methods and results of calibration and verification tests of both designed systems, which were used to conduct preliminary tests, were presented. During these tests, the participant performed specific exercises: sitting down and a simulated fall. The comparison of the test results showed a high convergence between the values measured with the acceleration sensors and the values obtained on the basis of the image analysis. The described systems can therefore be used to identify a fall and as an initiating element for devices for dynamic shortening of the fall path, which will reduce the forces acting on a person during restraining his fall from a height. 
  • Digital stress - a virtual threat in the real world of work (22)
    The outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic forced employers to face a significant problem of ensuring safe working conditions for their employees in the face of a previously unknown threat. As a result, remote work was widely introduced, which so far has been treated as an additional bonus for a small group of employees.
  • Mobile applications supporting people with disabilities (26)
    The epidemic situation in the world causes that online support for people with disabilities and the elderly, taking into account the needs of these groups and the conditions of their functioning (especially the conditions of the social and material environment) is gaining more and more importance. In addition to improving well-being and strengthening the ability to cope with difficult situations, such assistance also meets other functions - educational, social and informational. Its advantages include: accessibility (which is important especially when direct contact with a specialist is difficult), indirectness, the possibility of maintaining anonymity and diversity in terms of forms of influence.
  • The Labor Protection Council at the Parliament of the Republic of Poland debated
    • Better rules and accessible knowledge in the apprenticeship of young people (29)
  • Changes in law (30)
    • Obtaining qualifications for the position of a nuclear regulatory inspector
    • Indicators for determining the doses of ionizing radiation
    • Permission to carry out activities related to exposure to ionizing radiation
    • Restrictions on hazardous substances and mixtures
  • We answer readers' questions (31)
    • What are the changes to the granting of pensions in June each year?
    • What are the rules for granting a periodic funded pension?
    • Who issues certificates on the performance of work in special conditions or of a special nature?
    • Information on how to calculate the amount of your old-age pension
  • Reports from abroad

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