BHP w Firmie (Work safety in the company) 2018/09

  • Topic of issue
    • Check what documents should be prepared by the OHS specialist at school
      School perceived as a workplace, must meet all the requirements in the field of occupational health and safety. This is important for employees, but also for students. Check what health and safety documents should be prepared at school?
  • Risk assessment
    • Ohs in the position of a medical caregiver
      A medical supervisor is an auxiliary profession in the area of nursing and caring activities in patients in a hospital or home environment. Due to the performance of its duties, it is exposed to many occupational hazards, including the risk of contact with harmful and dangerous factors as well as psychophysical burdens related to the work performed.
    • Check how to assess the professional risk at the baker's position
      On the example of a baker's workplace, we present the correct procedures for occupational risk assessment - starting with the choice of the appropriate method, to familiarizing the employee with the already prepared assessment. The text also contains examples of hazards and suggested remedial actions limiting occupational risk at the discussed workplace.
  • Accidents at work
    • Is it possible to disagree with the return of the post-accident protocol?
      Reports of accidents at work - fatal, heavy and collective should be sent to the competent labor inspector. The report containing findings violating the employee's rights or incorrect prophylactic applications may be returned to the employer with a justified request to re-determine the circumstances and causes of the accident. The problem is that the regulations do not regulate a specific form of such an application, nor do they result in the right to defend an employer who does not share the labor inspectorate's assessment. How can an employer defend itself in such a case?

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