• Subject of the issue: The role of an occupational medicine physician in the OHS commission
    Increase in employment causes an increase in some of the employer's obligations in the field of technical safety at work. An example is the health and safety commission, which should be appointed by an employer with at least 250 employees. Taking into account the tasks of the OHS commission, a strategic person in its composition is a doctor who provides preventive health care for employees. His scope of tasks within the commission can be derived both from the provisions of the labor law and the act on the occupational medicine service.
  • Regulations concerning transmission pipelines - changes are being prepared
    Transmission pipelines are a type of technical devices that should have technical conditions of technical supervision established. With this in mind, the Ministry of Development prepared a draft of a new regulation on the technical conditions of technical supervision to be met by transmission pipelines transporting hazardous materials with toxic, corrosive or flammable properties. Where does the need for new regulations come from? What issues will be regulated in the planned pipeline regulations?
  • Exercise of employee rights under protection - changes to the Labor Code
    An employee who, due to exercising the rights provided for by labor law, will be treated worse in employment than other employees, will be able to claim compensation from the employer in the amount not lower than the minimum remuneration for work. What will be the scope of protection against unfavorable treatment in employment due to the exercise of employee rights? Will the prohibition of unequal treatment also apply to other people? What will the infringed employee have the right to?
  • The Act on the Defense of the Fatherland and changes in the labor law
    The Act on the Defense of the Fatherland has been in force since April 23, 2022. It introduces changes, among others concerning employees, in particular employees. What are the changes in the scope of granting leaves in connection with the Act on the Defense of the Fatherland? Is military service a hiatus? Does the employer have to lay off the employee to provide personal benefits? Check the details.
  • Suspicion of an occupational disease - step-by-step procedure
    An employee may experience deterioration of health, which will become apparent after a longer period of time. This is due to the presence of dangerous, harmful and nuisance factors in the work environment. These cases are considered occupational diseases. What is an occupational disease? Who is reporting it? What is the occupational disease certification procedure?
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome in an office worker - is it always an occupational disease
    Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is mentioned in some sources, mainly in popular non-medical journals, as a possible result of intensive work at the computer. Hence, probably high frequency of reporting suspicions of this disease as an occupational disease among office workers. However, there is no undisputed scientific evidence of such a relationship. How should you proceed in such cases?
  • Working in the open space in summer - how to provide employees with appropriate conditions
    The employer must protect the health and life of employees by ensuring safe and hygienic working conditions with the appropriate use of science and technology. The Labor Code imposes on the employer many obligations aimed at providing employees with safe and hygienic working conditions, especially when performing work in particularly arduous conditions, which include working in the open space. How to provide employees with appropriate conditions for such work?
  • A locksmith's occupational health and safety
    In order to be able to protect against hazards, the most common ones must first be identified at the workplace. The trained employees should be informed about the risks during the first phase of the training, these are basic information for the trained employee and also for the trainer. In this article, we will suggest what issues you should pay attention to in order to properly conduct the on-the-job training of a locksmith.
  • Lighting measurements at workplaces - how to do them yourself
    Performing lighting measurements at workplaces is important to ensure proper working conditions, because lighting is a physical factor of the work environment. The regulations require to provide lighting at workplaces that is adapted to the type of work performed and the necessary accuracy, and meets the requirements set out in the Polish Standard. How to measure lighting parameters at workplaces, i.e. how to choose the necessary equipment? How to carry out lighting measurements at the workplace?
  • How often to renew the Worker First Aid course
    Different sources provide different information regarding the validity of pre-medical first aid qualifications after a pre-medical first aid course / training. Some sources give a year, others 2 years, and still others 3 or even 5 years. Please indicate the valid period of validity of the employee's rights after the first pre-medical training, and thus the issued certificate.

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