• Subject of the issue: Work requiring special psychophysical fitness, including the right to refrain from work
    Occupational health and safety regulations emphasize a specific type of work, which is work that requires special psychophysical fitness. Persons carrying them out have the right to refrain from working. Find out more about it.
  • The end of the epidemic - 5 practical questions
    The epidemic state introduced on March 20, 2020 in connection with COVID-19 as of May 16, 2022 has been replaced with an epidemic threat. Check whether this change affects, for example, the suspension of the obligation to perform periodic examinations and health and safety training, forced leave or remote work. Learn how to apply "epidemic" human resources regulations after an epidemic has been recalled and an epidemic emergency is entered.
  • New rules for checking employee sobriety closer and closer
    Under the applicable law, the employer does not have the right to independently inspect employees for the presence of alcohol or substances similar to alcohol in their bodies. At the end of May, the Council of Ministers adopted a draft amendment to the regulations, which is to define in the Labor Code the rules for the employers to conduct preventive and random sobriety checks of employees. What will change?
  • Training necessary to perform work - planned changes to the Labor Code
    If the employer is obliged to conduct employee training (necessary to perform a specific type of work or on a specific position), such training should take place at the employer's expense and, if possible, during the employee's working hours. Let's check the details of the new solutions.
  • Gardener's occupational risk assessment
    Occupational risk is the probability of the occurrence of undesirable work-related events, causing losses, in particular the occurrence of adverse health effects in employees as a result of occupational hazards occurring in the work environment or the manner of performing work. Each employer is obliged to carry it out. By conducting it on a regular basis, the employer creates safe working conditions in the enterprise and controls the state of hazards in the workplace. We present a comprehensive risk assessment for the gardener's position with detailed identification and characteristics of the factors of the working environment.
  • Temporary employee and the user's employer's health and safety obligations
    During the holiday season, many students, pupils and other people look for employment for seasonal jobs through temporary employment agencies. An employer using the services of such entities and employing temporary workers through them is a user employer. As a result, he carries many responsibilities in the field of health and safety at work. What are these responsibilities? How to properly implement and maintain them? The answers to these and other questions can be found later in this article.
  • Cooperation with laboratories in the field of measurements of harmful factors in the work environment as a task of the health and safety service
    Although tests and measurements of factors harmful to health are not performed at the workplace level, the ultimate responsibility for the proper fulfillment of obligations related to their implementation rests with the employer. An intermediate link between the employer and the laboratories authorized to perform these tests and measurements is the health and safety service, which is responsible for cooperation with laboratories.
  • Epidemic emergency - what about medical examinations of employees and OHS training?
    On May 16, 2022, the epidemic in Poland was canceled in connection with SARS-CoV-2 virus infections. It was replaced by an epidemic emergency. This may raise questions of employers and employees of the OHS service regarding the previously suspended duties related to periodic preventive medical examinations and periodic health and safety training of employees. See what's next with medical examinations of employees and OHS training during an epidemic emergency?
  • Post-accident procedure for seasonal workers
    When employing temporary workers, we must bear in mind that this is a person unrelated to the workplace, not having habits and habits characteristic of full-time employees. Therefore, it is potentially more vulnerable to an accident, especially while being deployed to work. Check what the post-accident procedures of seasonal workers look like.
  • An accident of an employee during an internship from the Poviat Labor Office - what documentation
    An employee employed on an internship at the County Employment Agency had an accident. The contract with PUP indicates that the employer is to conduct an accident investigation. On what document is he to do it, the accident report or the accident card? How many copies? Whose data should be included in the documentation - employers or PUPs? Who approves such a document?
  • Scooter at the workplace - necessary requirements
    The bets are 1 kilometer away. Access is possible via a public road (limited to 50 km / h built-up area) and a pavement. An electric scooter was purchased for the movement of employees. Do you need instructions and on-the-job training? Should the employee undergo additional medical examinations? Does the company have to equip the employee with a helmet?
  • Sources of knowledge on how to proceed in the event of a fire hazard
    Where to find the knowledge about the rules of conduct in fire hazard situations in the company?
  • Fatigue in the assessment of occupational risk
    Should the physician's fatigue be taken into account in the physician's occupational risk assessment? Currently, this is a very important problem during an epidemic. In addition, I know that the doctor works in several centers and under various contracts, and works much more hours per month than is allowed. Should I say directly that the doctor works too much, and hence his tiredness? How to include this in the risk assessment?
  • Reporting the accident to the National Labor Inspectorate and the prosecutor's office - who and when
    Is calling 112 tantamount to notification of a serious, fatal, collective accident at work by the National Labor Inspectorate and the Public Prosecutor's Office? When reporting an accident at work to 112 from a machine, are the above services notified? Or should they be notified separately?

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