Dozór Techniczny 2017/05

  • Before entrusting the renovation, the professional needs to be called for supervision
    It will soon be four years since damage by the hurricane wind of the cableway to Średnia Krokiew in Zakopane. The railway still does not work, but the contractors have suspended the permits, and the Transport Technical Supervision has made a notification about the possibility of committing the offense by the owner of the facility. Due to failure to comply with the regulatory regulations, everyone loses, and the most ski jumpers who can not use the lift......
  • Dynamic testing of pressure resistance of fuel tank filler
    The article describes the procedure used to try to determine at what pressure the fuel tank's fuel tank break in the crash test. For this purpose, dynamic pressure tests were carried out.
  • Application of X10CrMoVNb9-1 steel for steam superheater coils in biomass-fired boilers
    Fulfilling the objectives of the EU energy and environmental policy, including reducing CO2 emissions and increasing the share of renewable energy sources (RES) in the energy market, resulted in many changes related to the operation of domestic generating units. One of the basic sources of renewable energy has become biomass. It is used as an additional fuel in the joint combustion in conventional dust boilers with a basic fuel, which is coal or as a basic fuel in units designed or converted.
  • Simulator of robot operators in a computer mask with enriched reality
    The article discusses selected aspects that enable the use of mathematical and IT tools in the field of welding. According to the authors, there is a scientific basis available today that a mobile phone equipped with a digital camera can replace the traditional welding mask filter. In the article, using the example of the welding process, the authors state that only after the digital image of the welding site has been processed (eg double differentiation, comparison with the pattern) the boundary between the liquid metal and the material not yet melted will be visible. The authors discussed the basics of the literature on the development of a welding mask, which would not only provide an enriched image of the weld pool area, but would also fulfill the roles of operators of industrial robots that would dynamically regulate voltage, current and welding speed. It is also possible to dynamically determine weld defects based on the optical and acoustic welding arc stability diagnosis and to determine the vector distance between the welder and the robot operator from the instructor.
  • Operating problems of plain bearings in water turbines
    The article presents the problems of using slide bearings in selected flow machines on the example of small hydropower bearing units. Materials used for slide bearings of these machines are presented. Attention is paid to mechanisms of wear of turbine bearing node components. The damaged bearing pad was tested on the Kaplan's low-power turbine shaft.