• Explosive coal and biomass may be another threat to the energy sector
    The biomass boom of a decade ago led to many explosions and fires in the energy sector. Today, the lack of coal from the East somehow forces the power industry to burn biomass and "new" coal, which have a drastically higher tendency to uncontrolled ignition and explosion than the coal burned so far. Are we in danger of repeating the past? Can the powerful explosions that took place in Turów or Dolna Odra happen again?
  • Drones in the security service of Handling Equipment
    One of the activities performed during the inspection of devices subject to technical supervision is the visual inspection of the device and its components. This applies to all devices covered by technical supervision, including handling equipment and cranes. In many cases, performing such inspection is impossible, very difficult, and sometimes dangerous, which requires the use of additional security measures. Such cases are present among handling equipment installed on construction sites or in buildings.
  • Application of the thermal method of straightening flail mower shafts in SaMASZ Białystok
    The article presents the characteristics of the flail shaft, the phenomenon of welding stress formation, and the improvement of the straightening method. In consultation with the SaMASZ company, proposals for direct improvements to the current straightening workstation were developed. A radical improvement of the straightening method was formulated by preheating the tube before and during the welding process, which should significantly reduce welding stresses. Despite the use of industrial robots for welding handles, the phenomenon of thermal distortion of flail shafts still occurs. According to preliminary observations, the distortion concerns both the axis of symmetry and the side surface of the pipe.
  • Maxxdrive® XD for lifting equipment
    The new Maxxdrive XD industrial gearboxes offered by the German drive manufacturer will fill the existing gap in the offered portfolio. It is now a complete travel and lifting drive package for cranes from a single unit. As with all Nord gear units, the proven principle of the rugged one-piece Unicase housing is used.
  • A new x-ray system for the automotive industry
    Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are the central component of many electrical devices. The automotive industry is increasingly relying on PCBs, which must be free of any defects. To ensure the highest inspection quality, Robert Bosch GmbH decided to use OMRON technology.
  • Why is it worth investing in AMR robots?
    The automation of intralogistics processes is one of the determinants of the implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept in modern production and warehouse facilities. This solution makes it possible to achieve high efficiency rates and maintain competitiveness on the market. Why?
  • The new SensoControl® SCP04 pressure sensor for hydrogen applications
    Parker Hannifin, a world leader in motion and control technology, announces the launch of the new SensoControl® SCP04 pressure sensor for hydrogen applications.
  • Survive the blackout
    Complete stoppage of work, loss of important documents and data - these are just some of the possible consequences of power outages for companies. A power outage for even a fraction of a second can cause serious losses. Eaton experts point out that enterprises should be ready not only for a blackout, but also fluctuations and voltage drops in the network.
  • 5G masts - technological challenges
    The global development of the 5G network has a chance to change the reality for consumers, companies and public institutions. According to Vertiv experts, most of the activities related to the implementation of the new generation of the data transmission standard will be concentrated in and around large cities. The growing number of inhabitants, the need to counteract climate change and the pursuit of optimization of activities require the introduction of more advanced telecommunications tools.
  • LXT and LXW - the new electric tractor and platform truck
    This year, STILL launched two new series of electric tractors and platform trucks: LXT and LXW, distinguished in terms of efficiency and work safety. The DSR system they are equipped with is nominated for the IFOY 2022 award.
  • Fuel cells for marine units
    ABB and Ballard received from the leading classification society DNV the so-called approval in principle (Approval in Principle - AiP) for the high power fuel cell concept. The concept has been developed by both companies since 2018. 

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