• Original works
    • Screening value of V-RQOL in the evaluation of occupational voice disorders (119)
      Given the growing number of occupational voice users, easy and quick broad-scale screening is necessary to provide prophylaxis of voice disorders. The aim of the study was to assess applicability of the Voice Related Quality of Life questionnaire to screening occupational voice disorders.
    • Economic costs due to worker’s sick leave at wastewater treatment plants in Bulgaria (129)
      The compensatory mechanisms of social security include expenses for sick leave. The aim of the study is to determine the economic cost due to sick leave among workers in wastewater treatment plants, comparing with the same economic indicators of the National Social Security Institute in Bulgaria.
    • Humor at Work Questionnaire - Polish adaptation Humor Climate Questionnaire (143)
      The aim of this article is to present the Polish adaptation of the questionnaire to measure humor at work as an element of the organizational climate.
    • Acoustic conditions in open space office spaces - application of technical means in a typical room (153)
      Noise in open space office spaces does not exceed the acceptable levels due to the protection of hearing. Its basic negative impact on employees is the difficulty in performing work and nuisance. To ensure adequate acoustic working conditions in such rooms, special technical solutions should be used. In an article published in issue 5 of "Medycyna Pracy" 2016, typical open space office space was assessed in terms of acoustic conditions. None of the rooms considered there met all the criteria, that's why one room was selected in this article, and then different types of technical solutions were proposed, the aim of which was to check whether it is possible to achieve appropriate acoustic conditions in open space.
    • Comparison of chemical composition of selected essential oils used in respiratory diseases (167)
      Essential oils are fragrances obtained from plants. They are characterized most often by a liquid consistency and pleasant smell. Essential oils have found application in aromatherapy, cosmetics and food and pharmaceutical products. The aim of the study was to analyze the composition of selected essential oils used in respiratory system diseases.
    • Functional examination of people with dizziness and balance disorders for the needs of occupational medicine (179)
      In the assessment of the equilibrium system, the symptoms, disorders in the clinical and functional examination are important, as well as their verification in objective tests. The purpose of the work was to determine the conformity of the questionnaire and functional assessment with objective studies.
    • Factors influencing the maintenance of professional activity in the period of 2-3 years after the total hip total hip replacement surgery (191)
      The aim of the study was to assess the occupational status of people after total hip replacement within 2-3 years of surgery and to analyze the impact of factors such as age, gender BMI (body mass index), functional fitness and self-esteem of health on maintaining professional activity.
    • Assessment of the professional lives of border guards and the severity of stress (199)
      Stress is related to m.in. with working in high-risk occupations. It can be defined as a team of reactions resulting from a mismatch of work conditions and requirements to the employee's ability. People differently assessing these areas of work can experience stress to varying degrees.
  • Review work
    • Biological significance of chromium III for the human body (211)
      Chrome is a transition metal that is currently the most controversial. The latest publications clearly indicate that it is not an essential micronutrient, and its action should be considered as a pharmacological effect. Conflicting scientific reports, and at the same time a huge number of dietary supplements, sports and dietary supplements available on the market have led the authors to review the available information regarding the scope of possible application, effectiveness and safety of products containing salts or chromium III chelates.
    • Polymorphism of genes encoding DNA repair proteins and occupational and environmental exposure to lead, arsenic and pesticides (225)
      Genetic polymorphism is associated with the occurrence in the population of at least 2 different alleles in a given locus with a frequency greater than 1%.

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