Aktualności BHP (OSH News) 2019/143

  • How to save flooded people?
    Ways of rescuing people flooded. Permeation can cause sudden cardiac arrest. They require submitted, non-standard resuscitation, but they are relatively promising. It is possible to recover even after prolonged immersion or flooding and even prolonged resuscitation. This is because hypothermia slows brain metabolism and prolongs hypoxia tolerance.
  • Why is the development of the logistics industry a challenge for the OSH service?
    Almost 50 thousand - this is the number of new jobs created in transport and storage in 2018, the Central Statistical Office reports. It is an extraordinary opportunity for the development of the industry, and at the same time a challenge in the field of health and safety. Unfortunately, the logistics industry is at the forefront of the most accident industries. What should be measured when working in this industry and what to pay the most attention to ensure safe working conditions?
  • The latest definition of the external cause of an accident at work with a spontaneous disorder
    It happens that an employee has a stroke or stroke during work. Post-accident proceedings must be carried out and the event determined to be an accident at work. In this case, the most difficult is the indication of the cause of the external accident. Therefore, learn about the latest position of the Supreme Court in determining the cause of an external accident at work, especially in the case of spontaneous disease. Thanks to this, you will make the correct classification of the accident.

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